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Disclaimer, Safety and Privacy

DISCLAIMER: Freegle puts people who have unwanted items in touch with people who want those items. Because of how it works, Freegle never sees or checks items and they may not be in working order. Posting an advert or responding to an advert does not guarantee you will be able to get rid of unwanted items or get the items you want. Any agreement you reach about any items will be between the person requesting or advertising items and you. It is your responsibility to ensure you are not breaking any laws in offering or getting goods through Freegle.

SAFETY NOTICE: Members of Freegle groups use them entirely at their own risk. Please take all reasonable measures to protect yourself and your family’s safety and privacy when posting to the list or collecting an item.

SCAMS: Occasionally online scammers target Freegle groups, often by offering high-value items, and then asking you to pay for courier charges. While some groups allow postage, you should never hand over money in advance, and Freegle does not recommend any specific courier (so if you see a message saying we do, it’s a scam). If you are unlucky enough be scammed, please report it to the Police, and also via our Contact Form.

PRIVACY: We won’t pass on your name or email address to anyone else.

Freegle holds your name and email address if you are using our Freegle app on Facebook or Freegle Direct. We will use these when generating emails which we send on your behalf, and we will also send email notifications to you about your membership of Freegle groups. You can control what is displayed and how frequently you receive emails Settings. We may also hold factual information about members on Freegle Direct or Yahoo for the purpose of moderating Freegle groups, for example information about whether a member’s account may have been hacked, or if a member does not abide by the group’s rules.

If you sign in using a Facebook account, or use the Freegle app on Facebook, then we also ask for access to your Likes, so that we can keep track of which groups you have joined through Facebook.

TERMS OF USE: By joining groups you are likely to be obliged to adhere to Yahoo’s Terms of Use. This is because the groups are run on Yahoo Groups. Freegle Direct and Freegle app on Facebook provide a different interface into the underlying Yahoo Group.

COOKIES: A “cookie” is a piece of data stored by a website within a browser – see wikipedia entry for cookie.

Using Freegle involves use of cookies in the following areas:

  1. In the group Message Makers, you have the option to save your email address and location for next time if you tick a box to give consent.
  2. In Freegle Direct and the Freegle Facebook app, a cookie is needed to ensure you stay logged on to the site. The cookie lasts for the duration of your session at the website. By registering or signing in, you consent to the setting of this cookie.
  3. Cookies are also stored to enable Google Analytics to collect anonymous information about visitors to this website, which pages they view and what actions are taken. By using this website we believe you are giving “implied consent” to the setting of these cookies. We will monitor the latest guidance on the use of such cookies.
  4. Our websites do not use information gathered from cookies on other sites.
  5. Yahoo Groups has its own statement on their use of cookies here.