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Freegle Stories

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  • Wool

    I crochet blankets for the dogs home. I asked for wool on the Freegle website and have received some.

    People are so kind.

    I love to recycle and will continue to use this site.

    Julie, Liverpool Recycle

  • Dear Freegle-towers,

    Just to say that there are few things in life which give a pretty straight-forward warm fuzzy feeling. Normally, it is chased to little avail when helping proves much more complicated and muddled than you may have originally anticipated.

    However, responding to a request for ‘nautical house stuff’ with an offer of drift wood and a little wooden boat pretty much does it. It is so pleasing to think that the wood, which was in the way on a garage shelf waiting for the day when I finally began some craft with it, has now found a happy home. Without the wood pile, taking our bikes in and out of the garage each day is now less awkward.

    Thinking of the cute little boat, which just didn’t fit anywhere in our flat, now having ‘pride of place’ in someone elses home is similarly pleasing.

    So thanks Freegle!

    Carly, Edinburgh Freegle

  • Off your trolley

    Off your trolley

    I found this trolley outside the back of our local hairdresser’s, surplus to requirement and awaiting collection by the dustmen.

    With their permission, brought it home, put it on Freegle and had numerous replies, some for hairdressing, some for card making and some for crafts.

    Cleaned up, it is obviously a very desirable object.

    The lady who collected it wanted it for a group of people with learning difficulties for them to use for craft project materials.

    So glad I rescued it.

    Yvonne, Hull Freegle

  • Conveyancing solicitor

    I worked for some years as a conveyancing solicitor, handling the purchase of new homes. Often young couples or singles would want to purchase a home, and they all wanted to maximise deposits etc so didn’t have much furniture or what they had was ancient hand-me-downs. Sometimes couples were separating and sharing the furniture between them.

    For these people just beginning their lives as new homeowners, I’ve often recommended Freegle and many have come back to me to say how marvellous it has been to furnish their new homes with free furniture.

    I bought my own home and when it came to moving, found that some of my furniture wouldn’t fit or was totally unsuitable. I love the fact that I can experiment with different looks, different furnishings, different…everything. And what I don’t need soon finds a ready home with someone else. Everyone I’ve met has been delightful and it’s a pleasure “doing business” with them. The moderators at the local Freegle site work hard to keep the site a pleasant place. Hats off to them.

    Twinx , Bath Freegle

  • Empty CD cases

    I am a paper crafter. I make greetings cards etc.

    I recently answered an advert from someone offering empty CD cases. These are ideal for storing unmounted rubber stamps in and all mine are neatly organised now!

    Quite a lot of my pen,pencil and markers are housed in empty video cases.

    They too are very useful for storing craft items.

    As,has been pointed out before, one man´s junk…….etc etc

    Sheila Blackpool Freegle

  • Rise and fall seat operated by mains water pressure

    I have been a Freegle and Freecycle user for a number of years and have received and given many items that would have other wise ended up in landfill. I have recently finished building a house, converting an old dilapidated bakehouse in Cellardyke, and have received many items that have been Incorporated into the build. There are far too many to mention individually but one item stands out.

    My wife was diagnosed with MS four years ago after the plans for the house were submitted. It became apparent during the build that, due to her deteriorating physical abilities, a normal bathroom would not meet her needs. She didn’t want a walk in shower since a hot soak in a bath helped to ease her condition.

    By chance someone had remodeled there bathroom and wanted rid of the perfect solution to our needs. The bathroom fittings being removed included a bath that not only had a rise and fall seat operated by mains water pressure but also Incorporated a Jacuzzi. This is now installed (after some minor modifications) and is working perfectly to the delight of my lady wife.

    I cannot recommend these sites more highly and encourage all who I talk to, to join.

    Thanking you and your fellow moderators for all the work you do.

    Alex , Central Fife Freegle

  • Stuff from the Council offices

    Thanks so much to Brighton & Hove Council for the cupboards I picked up just before Christmas and Freegle Cat’s amazing work in getting not just these but so much other stuff from the Council offices reused by many happy recipients.

    These metals cupboards will make a perfect storage solution for me, and save me a bunch of £. I don’t feel quite so bad about paying Council Tax now.

    Bill, Brighton - GreenCycle Sussex

  • Having a good chat

    I have enjoyed using freegle, finding the addresses and seeing different parts of towns, villages I would not normally visit.

    I have enjoyed meeting the people giving or collecting the things offered.

    Sometimes having a good chat with the people. It is good to know we can help each other out with our pre-loved or unwanted items, instead of just sending things to the tip or the dump.

    Margaret BerkoTring Freegle


    Gnome-body wanted them!

    About a year and a half past I found out my friend/neighbour (Anne) hated gnomes. Being the practical joker that I am thought it would be really funny to fill her garden with them when she was away. I bought some and decided it would be too costly to do it this way. I then turned to Freegle a few times with no real luck.

    However after persisting with Freegle eventually I got the offer of some from an avid freegler and decided I wasn’t waiting anymore. After Anne had taken the dogs down for their last outing for the night I waited until she went to bed (had to wait as she ha a security light and c.c.t.v) Hallelujah….. I then went into her garden and deposited the gnomes. I heard her in the morning taking the dogs down and had a wee chuckle to myself.

    The next thing I know she is battering against my bedroom window shouting Get up you B——-D I’ve been invaded. And to top it all I also sent her an e-mail asking how does this song go again…?.?.?

    O give me a home
    where the little men roam
    and the Gnomes and the
    leprechauns play
    where the mischief is done
    and the laughter is heard
    and the skies are not light
    when they play….
    Gnomes…Gnomes on the range
    where the Gnomes and
    the leprechauns play.!!!!!!!

    Of course all the neighbours, family and friends had a good laugh (including Anne herself). It has certainly been a good talking point. And YES she will try to get her own back (I await with anticipation)

    Thanks to Freegle as without it and the avid freegler who offered some gnomes I would still be waiting for this to happen.

    Megs Edinburgh Freegle

  • Gifts I could never afford to give, I can

    I’ve freecycled and now freegled over various homes in Scotland and England over the years. And what I love most is the sheer surprise it often gives.

    I furnished one house from freecycle almost 6 years ago then passed those goods (and more) back again, when I moved to the other end of the country. I furnished another home in just two weeks, immediately before Christmas to make a wonderful home for my family to spend Christmas in, and have passed many of those goods back again as I’ve upgraded and bought new.

    I remember a chocolate fountain gifted for that Christmas that went down a storm, and was freecycled after Christmas to a young couple who wanted it for their wedding reception. I remember pink drawers left in a house when we moved in and I hated, being very gratefully received by a man whose wife had just had a baby girl after 3 boys.

    Most recently I offered a fridge, the taker was from a village with a reputation, I expected this to be recycling goods rather than any especially memorable or joyous experience. The chap who arrived (Mr Birdseye!) wanted the fridge for the local RNLI, the volunteer lifeboat men can now have fresh milk in their tea – my faith in people and my joy in Freegle is renewed. The space where the fridge had sat, was filled, the very same day with a table & chairs, freegled from another local who happily helped load them into my car.

    Gifts I could never afford to give, I can. Goods I could never afford to own, I can.