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Freegle Stories

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  • Sionyn’s Dalek

    I put most of this together in the worst winter weather, so Sionyn, our old cat, would have somewhere to shelter (he’s afraid to use the cat flap since a young stray came to stay), but he’s only just grasped what it’s for and started to use it.

    It’s a lidless dalek compost bin, with a large plastic dog basket closing the base. Inside are two blue bins for recycling glass and tins. They’re one inside the other, with an insulating layer of bubblewrap and polystyrene foam in between.

    The cushion of bubblewrap was supposed to go inside the box, but Sionyn has pulled it forward to get a better view. Most items are courtesy of Freegle or the kind workers at the recycling depot.

    Ann , Bangor Freegle

  • Stuff from the Council offices

    Thanks so much to Brighton & Hove Council for the cupboards I picked up just before Christmas and Freegle Cat’s amazing work in getting not just these but so much other stuff from the Council offices reused by many happy recipients.

    These metals cupboards will make a perfect storage solution for me, and save me a bunch of £. I don’t feel quite so bad about paying Council Tax now.

    Bill, Brighton - GreenCycle Sussex

  • Thank the whole Freegle community

    I would like to thank the whole Freegle community for the help I have received from members over the last couple of weeks.

    My husband died very suddenly on 10.5.10 leaving my children and I with a funeral to arrange and all his affairs to sort out. Over the last 2 weeks I have made a few requests which have been met by members on here, with some members going above and beyond the call in order to help. I have had people writing offering to go and buy me items, I have had people coming to deliver items from right across the city. I have had wonderful help from one Freegler who not only went and collected me clothing to wear to my husband’s funeral from another Freegler, but who also took the time to call twice to run through exam techniques with my daughter who was panicking, having a GCSE exam the day before her dad’s funeral. I was even helped to get flowers to put on his coffin.

    With your help I have managed to give my husband a lovely ecologically friendly funeral, we had a humanist celebrant who made the service very personalised, we had a wicker coffin to minimise the polluting effects of the cremation, my clothes were from Freegle and the flowers were from Freegle. I feel cherished and supported by the Freegle community.

    Thank you.

    Janet, Sheffield Freegle

  • Forward Planning

    During the winter last year, my grandchildren developed a fear of the dark when they came to stay. So I asked Eastbourne Freeglers to help me out. A lovely night light was offered and an address and time sorted out. Right, I thought, let’s get ready. Wrapping up well I got my mobility scooter out and popped the lead on my spaniel. Off we went. She loved to trot along beside me, ears flying and tail wagging.

    I had decided on the route, which was one I used to take when I was on foot – now I cannot walk further than across the road to a neighbour. What a mistake that was. I should have gone down Seaside. I am in Roselands near Eastbourne’s tip and used St Philips Road down to the Fire Station, right into Whitley Road, left into Firle Road, which bends itself into Ashford Road. Heading for town, intending to break off before Cavendish Place to get to a road between Ashford Road and Seaside.

    Long story, short. I found that there are not enough dropped pavements or driveways to help my route. I ended up going in the right direction (left hand side of the road) getting to the corner and having a drop of over 3” having to turn left and keep going until I could find another dropped pavement! A couple of times this meant almost going around the block! (I could not go on the road because of my dog)

    So, for a journey that should have taken say, 30 minutes, it took 2 hours there and back. And the pick up? No, I didn’t manage it because of a weird way of numbering the houses. You know, if you follow the houses number by number, when you get to 10 you expect 12 or 11 you expect 13 next. Well I got to the house I thought I needed to find, to discover it was flats. I had had to cross the road and go over many bumps so my standing for long was down to about 3 minutes. No one answered. So I had to go back. I took the better route along Seaside. My poor spaniel was very tired and had to ride with me at times.

    I got home very, very tired. My husband gave me a cup of tea whilst I explained. We got into the car (he had not long been home from work) and went to where I thought I should have been to discover, had I gone on a bit further, a crescent of houses were numbered from 1 to 18 (I think) but this time with ‘a’ so 10 became 10a! I had missed the house completely! Boy would I love to live there!!! Would I ever get mail? Lovely night light though. A big help.

    Sorry about the long story. But the moral is, make sure you know where you are going! Be fair to those coming to see you, give them guidance and warnings needed. And then, plan how you are going to get there more carefully if your own mobility has changed! If it had been a top floor flat for instance!!!


    Erika Eastbourne Freegle

  • Thank You Freegle Group Owners/Members

    Please can I begin with a big thank you to all the Freegle, owners, for all the hard work they do,and all the free time they give to Freegle.

    Over 12 months ago I was talking to one of my friends about my photo collection, saying how much I loved collecting them, and saying what a great way of saving a bit history I thought it was, and what a shame so much history ends up in the bin, she then told me about Freegle and wow I have never looked back.

    Although I do buy some photos from Ebay etc most of my photos have been donated by you kind hearted Freeglers, my small collection of photos is now huge and still growing, I now have a lot of people coming to me for that old black and white they are looking for, and of course if I can help I do.

    Last week I was approached by a gentleman looking for photos of the 1st world war and he has suggested me putting together an album to be copied and printed for next year to celebrate 100 years since the end of the 1st world war. I thought this sounded a lovely idea, so if any business person out there think this is a good idea? Please let me know?

    This would of Course be a non profit challenge for me and any one that would like to help. I thought the obvious place to donate any profit would be Freegle.

    Please note:

    This has not been sorted yet with Freegle, as at the moment it is only an idea, if it looks like it will be a goer then I will ask Freegle how to donate etc.

    So all ideas help or comments good or bad welcome.

    Thanks again for all you kind gifts over the last 12 months

    Stuart Keller, Bradford Freegle and others.

  • Boxes of computer paper-tape

    A few years ago my mum was having a clear out and found several boxes of computer paper-tape programmes.

    Given that its a very long time since computers ran off paper-tape there wasn’t much point in keeping them, so she put the paper-tape in the recycling box. She was going to put the boxes in there too, but I decided to rescue the boxes.

    I briefly put them on Freegle, and then I had a brianwave, why not turn them into sewing boxes!

    So I did. Although the plain white lids were nice, because they were covered with writing giving the names of the programmes I covered this with some very ancient left-over sticky-backed plastic.

    I also used envelop labels that had originally been to go with a printer we no longer had as a way of putting the owner’s names on the boxes. (the one in the picture is mine, but the others I gave to various friends)

    The sewing materials contents of course I had to buy, except that the Pin Cushion is also made from furnishing scraps (actually some more bits from those loose covers – I had some smaller pieces leftover after making my coathangers), and then stuffed with hair-brushings (some years ago while visiting a museum in Wales I learned that in the eighteenth century pin cushions were stuffed with hair-brushings – and it turns out this material works rather well).

    Emma Kingston upon Thames Freegle

  • Moved to a new office

    We can’t recommend Freegle enough after having a truly excellent experience this year! Cat (Freegle Media) helped us find some really good office furniture, which we’ve been really happy with.

    We recently moved to a new office in Brighton and through Freegle we found a lot of the things we needed, like desks and filing cabinets. Now we have a really good workplace.

    Everything’s in great condition and both viewing and collection went smoothly.

    We’re keen to re-use things and keep as much as possible out of landfill, so that’s another reason why we hope other organisations will get in touch with Freegle and benefit in the same ways as we have.

    Thanks for your help.

    Best wishes,

    Jenny Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

  • Good quality top soil

    My neighbour is drastically altering his garden, which means he has been piling up loads and loads of really good quality top soil.

    I offered to see if I could shift some of it via Freegle. I think about 20 people have come and helped themselves now. I have chatted to some of them, but one that I didn’t meet – Wayne – sent me this email after he had visited.

    “Hi Anna, thank you for getting back to me. I’ve been and taken some soil. You were right it is lovely stuff, it’ll be perfect for my veg/spuds.

    Also, thank you for a great introduction into the world of Freegle, this was my first time and it couldn’t have been better.”

    (Wayne is happy for this to be used as publicity.. I asked him).

    Anna, Sheffield Freegle (Moderator)

  • Gem's table and bench after painting

    Gem’s table and bench after painting

    I have had lots of things gifted to me over the last couple of years, all of which I am really grateful for. I thought I would share a makeover story.

    I have been doing up my garden, in a bid to love it more and utilise it more. I had put a wanted post on Freegle for some garden furniture. Everyone who is on Freegle will know what I mean, when I say that, when anyone replies to one of your posts it is last thing you would expect and you are very appreciative for them reading the post let alone replying. It is sometimes overwhelming how kind people are. A lovely couple offered me a bench and table and a water butt. They also dropped it off at my house, because my car was just not big enough.

    They admitted the table was now a bit unloved and they had bought a new set. Well it didn’t matter and I had in mind what I would do.

    I sanded them and painted them. They are not to every ones taste but I love them and I haven’t seen anything like them in any shops. I hope people can realise that what junk they may be throwing away is like the saying, someone else’s treasure.

    Gem , Warrington Freegle

  • Great advice from the moderators


    I joined Freegle after watching Kirstie Allsops programme on TV and then following the link from her web page.

    I am a member of another site and placed a wanted ad which was rejected and when I asked for feedback their response was poor….

    Anyway so glad Kirstie is backing Freegle as I signed up and have successfully placed my first wanted ad and had great advice from the moderators on how to place ad’s etc but more importantly I have been able to help out another Freegle member.

    A lady had placed a wanted ad in my area for a safety gate and as I had one I no longer needed I was more than happy to pass it on to some one in need.

    Great Idea Freegle I hope to help many more people out as well as may be finding things I need.

    Beverley, Bradford Freegle