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Freegle Stories

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  • Recently Joined

    I’ve only recently joined a local freegle site, but have met some lovely people and hopefully helped by recycling a lot of stuff we’ve had for ages in our loft.

    What an absolutely brilliant idea these sites are – and how lovely that we can help others out if they are really struggling in these times of austerity.

    Carry on the good work folks.

    Jacqueline, Rugby Freegle

  • Become really good friends

    When I moved to the area with my husband and one month old baby in 2007 I didn’t know anyone, it was quite a lonely time for me and it was a struggle to make like minded friends.

    We’ve given many things away since then using Freegle and have received many fantastic items, usually for our 2 boys, but my most memorable example was when I put a ‘wanted’ post on Freegle for ‘baby and toddler books’ as my little boy was getting bored of the ones that we had.

    A lovely lady replied with an offer of some books and it turned out that she lived on the road behind mine, in fact our back gates are almost opposite each other. Since she gave me the books we, and our kids, have gradually become really good friends.

    So I’d live to say a big ‘thank you’ to Freegle because without it I wouldn’t have made such a wonderful friend.

    Dani Gaines, Bolton Freegle

  • Good quality top soil

    My neighbour is drastically altering his garden, which means he has been piling up loads and loads of really good quality top soil.

    I offered to see if I could shift some of it via Freegle. I think about 20 people have come and helped themselves now. I have chatted to some of them, but one that I didn’t meet – Wayne – sent me this email after he had visited.

    “Hi Anna, thank you for getting back to me. I’ve been and taken some soil. You were right it is lovely stuff, it’ll be perfect for my veg/spuds.

    Also, thank you for a great introduction into the world of Freegle, this was my first time and it couldn’t have been better.”

    (Wayne is happy for this to be used as publicity.. I asked him).

    Anna, Sheffield Freegle (Moderator)

  • Cool Freegling

    Last week my husband and I held a Silver Wedding Anniversary party in our garden. Some of the tables and chairs we used were originally offered on or requested by us on Freegle.

    After the event we still had 10Kg of ice in bags, cluttering up our freezer, which I offered to anyone who wanted it. I had a reply straight away from a member who’s son is getting married this week and they are holding a family reception in their garden. They plan to put the ice in a paddling pool to help keep the bottles of booze cool.

    Our daughter had made us yards of beautiful bunting for our party and I offered it for the wedding, also a gazebo we seldom use as the weather forecast is a bit iffy. Its nice to think we are helping make their special day a little better and it has taken very little effort on our part.

    Jennifer, Seahouses and Alnwick Freegle

  • Sionyn’s Dalek

    I put most of this together in the worst winter weather, so Sionyn, our old cat, would have somewhere to shelter (he’s afraid to use the cat flap since a young stray came to stay), but he’s only just grasped what it’s for and started to use it.

    It’s a lidless dalek compost bin, with a large plastic dog basket closing the base. Inside are two blue bins for recycling glass and tins. They’re one inside the other, with an insulating layer of bubblewrap and polystyrene foam in between.

    The cushion of bubblewrap was supposed to go inside the box, but Sionyn has pulled it forward to get a better view. Most items are courtesy of Freegle or the kind workers at the recycling depot.

    Ann , Bangor Freegle

  • Tumble drier

    Tumble drier

    My neighbour recently threw out a Hotpoint tumble dryer for reasons unknown – apparently working, externally looks like new; I could only conclude it didn’t match the brand of his washer (!) I got it shunted round to my drive and I gave it away on Freegle the same evening; mad mad world! Of course there’s the question whether we should be using power-guzzling tumble dryers at all rather than air drying, but that’s a whole other debate…..

    Nigel , Penrith and Eden District Freegle

  • Well received

    Now that my children have left home I really didn’t need the huge freezer in the garage which had served me well when I seemed to be feeding the five thousand.

    It was much too big for me but still working so I didn’t want to throw it away.

    I posted it on Freegle and within 6 hours received a message from someone whose freezer had broken so they came and collected mine.

    It meant that the freezer is being used by someone who needs it and I did not pay for it to be taken away.


    This is why ilovefreegle.

    Maria, Southport Freegle

  • broken water butt

    Just goes to show

    I got a broken water butt base off Freegle & I had a broken plant pot.

    Just goes to show what can be done with two broken things.

    Rudy, Porthmadog Recycle

  • Black and White photos

    Hi all Freegle owners, and all fellow Freeglers.

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the Freegle owners, who took the time to help me and let me use there sites, when the computer saw me as spam and bared me from using Freegle, I must say I was really upset.

    But then I had so many people trying to help me get back on, it really was a great feeling when so many nice people was trying to help me, they knew I was an honest Freegler and a mistake had been made by me as well as the computer.

    I had tried to take my hobby and love of photos all over the country with out thinking of the consequences, the computer did its job, and tried to protect the Freegle community, but now thank fully I am back on Freegeling,and looking all over the country for my beloved black and white photos.

    Can I take this opportunity to thank all the kind people who have kindly sent me photos for my collection, there has been two or three people who have not put there address in with the photos, so I have not been able to say thank you.

    So if I may use this moment I will say it now,a big thank to you every body witch ever way you have helped me, a special thank you to nolly who kindly gifted me a music photo album with vintage photos, of witch I know she could have sold this for some a substantial amount of money.

    I will always treasure this, as I will all my other lovely gifts, and treat them with the respect they deserve.

    So thanks again.

    Stuart Keller, Bradford Freegle and others.

  • Thanks to Freegle

    Early last year we discovered we were expecting our second child, unfortunately 3 months into the pregnancy I was made redundant and my partner had his hours reduced at work, with money so short we wondered how we could possibly cope with a new baby, I had given all of my 3 year old son’s baby things away on Freegle previously so I decided to place a ‘Wanted’ add, the replies were amazing.

    From the swinging crib from Natalie, the clothes from Ruth, to the pram and numerous other things from the ever so generous Bea I can’t express how grateful we are.

    Our Baby, Amelia is 4 months old now and we’ve already re-freegled the things she has grown out of.

    There are lots of things new parents worry about, but thanks to Freegle, and the kindness of strangers, providing for our baby is no longer one of them.

    (I have attached a picture of Amelia, enjoying her first Christmas wearing a very kindly donated party dress!)

    Sarah Leeson, Leeds Freegle