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  • Whole room of computer hardware

    I was sitting on a whole room of computer hardware saved from the skips when I worked in a computer repair shop and finally decided that I get SO much pleasure from my machines to build up what I had and give it away free so others could enjoy a computer as it all otherwise just sits here and eBay too much trouble.

    So I got over 50 responses with several sob stories and happy to do it———after I have got pleasure from building computers and installing all the software I totally lose interest and return to my network of best machines so they just take up space and I am having a Mega Clear out——-with over 36 black bags filled already…………………………….

    Gordon Swansea-Freegle

  • Chest freezer

    My very large, but very old, chest freezer finally decided to stop freezing.

    What to do? Too big to go in a car; Council wanted paying to take it away (insult to injury as I had lost so much food, when it defrosted whilst I was on holiday); no point freegling it – who would want a broken freezer.

    Decided it was worth a try though and, the following day, a lovely young couple arrived, complete with trailer, and away it went.

    What did they do with it? Used it to keep the pig and hen food on their small holding as this was a perfect rat-proof store.

    So – just because it is rubbish to you, don’t forget, someone out there just might be able to make use of it.

    Try Freegle before the Tip.

    Yvonne, Hull Freegle

  • A guardian angel

    My best Freegle experience can only be described as a guardian angel looking down on me. When returning from a trip to London, I turned on my computer to find a reclining chair being offered. As my husband is disabled with a back problem this would be the ideal item to make his life more comfortable. I sent an e-mail to the person offering the chair and received one back asking for my phone number. That evening I received a phone call from them confirming the chair was mine, not only this but that they would deliver it to me the next morning, and even though it had snowed overnight they arrived as arranged. As I say my, guardian angels.

    Denise Gilliham, Great Yarmouth Freegle

  • Rise and fall seat operated by mains water pressure

    I have been a Freegle and Freecycle user for a number of years and have received and given many items that would have other wise ended up in landfill. I have recently finished building a house, converting an old dilapidated bakehouse in Cellardyke, and have received many items that have been Incorporated into the build. There are far too many to mention individually but one item stands out.

    My wife was diagnosed with MS four years ago after the plans for the house were submitted. It became apparent during the build that, due to her deteriorating physical abilities, a normal bathroom would not meet her needs. She didn’t want a walk in shower since a hot soak in a bath helped to ease her condition.

    By chance someone had remodeled there bathroom and wanted rid of the perfect solution to our needs. The bathroom fittings being removed included a bath that not only had a rise and fall seat operated by mains water pressure but also Incorporated a Jacuzzi. This is now installed (after some minor modifications) and is working perfectly to the delight of my lady wife.

    I cannot recommend these sites more highly and encourage all who I talk to, to join.

    Thanking you and your fellow moderators for all the work you do.

    Alex , Central Fife Freegle

  • On the panel

    I was amazed at how popular three dismantled fence panels were (unsurprisingly, there had been no takers when they were still intact). I felt miserable every time I saw them out my window and I didn’t even much want to go in the garden whilst they were there.

    It took only a few minutes to take each fence panel apart and the only mess was from the ivy that I pulled off it. The wood was not in great condition, I was extremely dubious that anything constructive could actually be done with it. It was brittle but it wasn’t rotten. Yet every scrap of the wood has now gone to make allotment fencing.

    If you have an old fence panel cluttering up your garden you could make someone very happy.

    I really love Freegle – this kind of thing is exactly what it is great for.

    Susan , Wellingborough Freegle

  • Met loads of interesting people

    We really got into Freecycle (as it then was) a few years back when my brother and I were clearing the family home after 52 years of occupation, during which time as well as all the usual household possessions our late father had assembled a mighty collection of ‘useful’ stuff.

    We took what we wanted, sold the best of the rest and sent a van full to Oxfam, but that left a huge amount of stuff that was too good to throw away but not good enough for selling by any route.

    We registered on several Freecycle sites – near our own homes as well as near the house – and astonishingly Freecycled virtually everything, including some truly weird things, and met loads of interesting people in the process.

    I still use Freegle as required and am really glad to have this route for finding new homes for my pre-loved but no longer needed stuff.

    Gabrielle St Albans Freegle

  • de-cluttering prior to moving.

    Hi. I recently unsubscribed from Glossop Freegle, and received your acknowledgement. My reason for leaving is that we have been de-cluttering prior to moving away from the area. Your site has been invaluable for our purposes – we have nothing left to give away!! and better still, much of it would have gone to the tip but for your organisation. It’s been fascinating to learn of the uses people have made of our unwanted items. Many thanks.

    Barry Glossop Freegle

  • Goods saved from the skip

    GreenCycleSussex is the Freegle group in Brighton, Cat who runs the group became aware of some local offices that were closing down.

    Much of the contents from the 4 storey building had been relocated and some given away to friends but when it came to their final day in the building there was still skips full of stuff left!

    So Cat popped over there to see if Freegle could help, she posted offers onto the group of all the office equipment left and in less than 3 hours all the goods were saved from the skip.

    Filing cabinets, many PCs, screens and telephones, hundreds of ring binders, mountains of office paraphenalia, furniture, books and stationery.

    A brilliant example of how useful a Freegle group and Freegle volunteers can be. Money saved. Goods redistributed. Waste avoided. Happy people.

    Julia in Brighton sent in this story about that day.

    “I have been having issues with my pc for ages and money is quite tight, I saw an ad on GreenCycleSussex for some unwanted PCs and went around to the address not thinking that there would be anything left.

    There was a lovely woman there who took me to a room and told me that I could take what I want and also a couple of really nice guys who gave me a couple of PCs and monitor and also a heater as well !!

    I then realised when I got home I forgot to ask for the password so emailed the group volunteer to ask for help. Cat then contacted the people from the office and got me the passwords for the PCs.

    Really a lovely experience, no haggling involved and everybody is happy and I now have a PC that works !!

    Would recommend to anyone, not only is it nice to deal with people on that level, it saves money in hard times and reduces unnecessary landfill everybody should do it, I am hooked !!!!!”

    Quote from Lisa at Environmental Protection UK (Brighton office) -one of the tenants vacating the office building:
    “Thanks for all your help Cat! So great to see so much stuff picked up by freeglers”

    Julia GreenCycleSussex

  • What I love about looking around

    hey there,

    This is just to let you know briefly how helpful the Brighton Freegle community have been.

    Me and my boyfriend moved in together with a matress and loads of love for each other…

    Slowly but surely things got offered and we were able to furnish our one bedroom flat.
    I think that we paid for a few items from a Martlets charity shop but otherwise it’s all
    been generously given to us from Freegle members.

    What I love about looking around our flat is that each of the items that now grace our
    space is that they have stories attached to them.

    The place is now not only filled with our
    love but with loads of stories of how we aquired all that we now have.

    Thanks Freegle

    Anne, Brighton Freegle

  • A selfish person I used to be!

    Since joining Freegle, I have come to realise what a selfish person I used to be! I used to put unwanted things on Ebay, lots of work for a tiny return!

    Now I put things on Freegle. Result? -much less hassle, face-to-face contact, and nothing ‘hanging around’ for weeks.

    And of course, the realisation that I must be a ‘good person’ because I’m giving things to people who need them!!

    I’m now a committed ‘Freegler’ !


    Judith Bedford Freegle