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Freegle Stories

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  • Offered: Unicycle on ChilternFreegle

    Offered: Unicycle on ChilternFreegle

    Pashley Unicycle. Flat tyre but otherwise ready to go. Hours of fun (and frustration). Wear a helmet !! Good luck, Paul

    It was taken that same day.

    Paul said “20 years since I rode this but I’ve still got the scars. It’s a young man’s game. Time for somebody else to ‘saddle up’.”

    Paul ChilternFreegle

  • Stuff from the Council offices

    Thanks so much to Brighton & Hove Council for the cupboards I picked up just before Christmas and Freegle Cat’s amazing work in getting not just these but so much other stuff from the Council offices reused by many happy recipients.

    These metals cupboards will make a perfect storage solution for me, and save me a bunch of £. I don’t feel quite so bad about paying Council Tax now.

    Bill, Brighton - GreenCycle Sussex

  • A Royal Chair fit for a Queen

    A Royal Chair fit for a Queen


    A very nice lady offered our group a chair for our jubilee project, we painted and glittered and recovered it and it has now been passed around to three different jubilee parties.

    Big thank you to everyone who helped our community days good ones.

    ABC Holiday Club

  • Good quality top soil

    My neighbour is drastically altering his garden, which means he has been piling up loads and loads of really good quality top soil.

    I offered to see if I could shift some of it via Freegle. I think about 20 people have come and helped themselves now. I have chatted to some of them, but one that I didn’t meet – Wayne – sent me this email after he had visited.

    “Hi Anna, thank you for getting back to me. I’ve been and taken some soil. You were right it is lovely stuff, it’ll be perfect for my veg/spuds.

    Also, thank you for a great introduction into the world of Freegle, this was my first time and it couldn’t have been better.”

    (Wayne is happy for this to be used as publicity.. I asked him).

    Anna, Sheffield Freegle (Moderator)

  • Gem's table and bench after painting

    Gem’s table and bench after painting

    I have had lots of things gifted to me over the last couple of years, all of which I am really grateful for. I thought I would share a makeover story.

    I have been doing up my garden, in a bid to love it more and utilise it more. I had put a wanted post on Freegle for some garden furniture. Everyone who is on Freegle will know what I mean, when I say that, when anyone replies to one of your posts it is last thing you would expect and you are very appreciative for them reading the post let alone replying. It is sometimes overwhelming how kind people are. A lovely couple offered me a bench and table and a water butt. They also dropped it off at my house, because my car was just not big enough.

    They admitted the table was now a bit unloved and they had bought a new set. Well it didn’t matter and I had in mind what I would do.

    I sanded them and painted them. They are not to every ones taste but I love them and I haven’t seen anything like them in any shops. I hope people can realise that what junk they may be throwing away is like the saying, someone else’s treasure.

    Gem , Warrington Freegle

  • Boxes of computer paper-tape

    A few years ago my mum was having a clear out and found several boxes of computer paper-tape programmes.

    Given that its a very long time since computers ran off paper-tape there wasn’t much point in keeping them, so she put the paper-tape in the recycling box. She was going to put the boxes in there too, but I decided to rescue the boxes.

    I briefly put them on Freegle, and then I had a brianwave, why not turn them into sewing boxes!

    So I did. Although the plain white lids were nice, because they were covered with writing giving the names of the programmes I covered this with some very ancient left-over sticky-backed plastic.

    I also used envelop labels that had originally been to go with a printer we no longer had as a way of putting the owner’s names on the boxes. (the one in the picture is mine, but the others I gave to various friends)

    The sewing materials contents of course I had to buy, except that the Pin Cushion is also made from furnishing scraps (actually some more bits from those loose covers – I had some smaller pieces leftover after making my coathangers), and then stuffed with hair-brushings (some years ago while visiting a museum in Wales I learned that in the eighteenth century pin cushions were stuffed with hair-brushings – and it turns out this material works rather well).

    Emma Kingston upon Thames Freegle

  • Well received

    Now that my children have left home I really didn’t need the huge freezer in the garage which had served me well when I seemed to be feeding the five thousand.

    It was much too big for me but still working so I didn’t want to throw it away.

    I posted it on Freegle and within 6 hours received a message from someone whose freezer had broken so they came and collected mine.

    It meant that the freezer is being used by someone who needs it and I did not pay for it to be taken away.


    This is why ilovefreegle.

    Maria, Southport Freegle

  • Generosity and good wishes that strangers have shown to us all

    I would like to say how wonderful freegle was for me and my family. My son and daughter in law had to return from Canada earlier than anticipated.
    They didn’t know they were ‘expecting’ until mum-to-be was told at 35 weeks; and she then went into labour at 36 weeks – probably the shock – and had a healthy baby boy. So a ‘five day pregnancy’ !

    First they had to sort out how to pay their medical fees – as their insurance didn’t cover them for pregnancy and delivery; then arrange to quit their jobs, pack up and move out of the apartment, and fly back to the UK. They had to come to live with us – granny and grandpa – as no home, no job.
    Thanks to Freegle we were able to get them everything needed for a new baby, and more – moses basket, cot, travel cot, high-chair, bedding, baby clothes, steriliser, bouncy seat, buggy, car seat, baby bath, even some cuddly toys.

    We are so grateful to the help, generosity and good wishes that strangers have shown to us all,

    Noeline Beswick, Bedford Freegle

  • Gives warm glow to give and receive.

    Great quick way to get rid of surplus belongings and a fun way to track down wanted items.

    Very well run-always gives warm glow to give and receive.

    Thank you to the group volunteers.

    I am always telling people about Green Cycle and they are always grateful.

    Thank you for all your efforts.

    Tessa GreenCycleSussex

  • Giant Marrow

    I was fortune enough to receive a giant marrow from a Freegler last week from his allotment.

    This week we have enjoyed stuffed marrow, marrow and other vegetable curry, a tasty marrow tea loaf and even managed to puree some for my daughter who will be weaning soon :)

    Lana, Aberdeen Freegle