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Freegle Stories

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  • A Rabbit Hutch for Captain Fang

    My son Steve, who lives on his own, has a much loved rescue cat named Captain Fang to keep him company, but as he has glass in his back door, the cat has to ask to be let in and out.

    Last winter, Steve said that the cat really needed a shelter for when he was not at home, so I asked if anyone had a rabbit hutch.

    A lovely person offered me a hutch that was just the right size, and my husband replaced the wire front with a plastic window and a cat flap.

    He also re roofed the hutch with shed roofing and I made a cushion to fit inside.

    Steve says that Captain Fang loves his house and spends a lot of time in it. It will be particularly useful in the winter.

    I wish I had taken a photo of it, but hope to do so one day with Captain Fang in residence.

    Thanks to a Freegler Captain Fang has a warm dry comfortable home from home and independence, which it what he needed.

    Helena, Teford Freegle

  • So there are good people around

    I offered my mum’s greenhouse on Freegle a couple of years ago. The couple who dismantled and took it away not only weeded and cleared up the ground under and behind it, but returned a week later with jars of homemade jam and pickles.

    So there are good people around, perhaps mainly those who can’t afford a few £100s for a new greenhouse.

    JC , Southport Freegle

  • Here are three testimonials

    I have so many Freegle testimonials but here are three. My elderly Mum came out of hospital in 2008 needing 24/7 care and the ‘agency’ proved to be a ‘rentamob’ – useless, so the three daughters – I’m the middle one – had to take over. My husband and I weren’t sleeping at all well in the worn-out single beds in Mum’s spare room. A lovely first-time freegler, turning their guest room into a nursery for the baby expected, gave us a super double bed, mattress and pair of matching bedside cabinets. Result a decent night’s sleep every Thursday and Friday. Not only this, but another person gave Mum a Rollator walking aid with seat-it is so much better for her than the standard zimmer frame and has really made a difference to her getting around. And Mum has just given a shoe rack, which her shoes wouldn’t stay on, to a Freegler who requested a rack and is delighted.
    PS Typing this sitting on a Freegle chair from someone in Luton!

    Dee Dell, Bedford Freegle

  • Automatically thinks it is from Freegle

    Over the past year I have offered and taken various items. A piano for my daughter, leather chairs for my son’s playroom (he is like Joey off Friends).

    Now if I get something new from the shops my son automatically thinks it is from Freegle he tells his friends how good it is. I joke on that I got him from there!

    Kay Hancock, Middlesbrough Freegle

  • Cool Freegling

    Last week my husband and I held a Silver Wedding Anniversary party in our garden. Some of the tables and chairs we used were originally offered on or requested by us on Freegle.

    After the event we still had 10Kg of ice in bags, cluttering up our freezer, which I offered to anyone who wanted it. I had a reply straight away from a member who’s son is getting married this week and they are holding a family reception in their garden. They plan to put the ice in a paddling pool to help keep the bottles of booze cool.

    Our daughter had made us yards of beautiful bunting for our party and I offered it for the wedding, also a gazebo we seldom use as the weather forecast is a bit iffy. Its nice to think we are helping make their special day a little better and it has taken very little effort on our part.

    Jennifer, Seahouses and Alnwick Freegle

  • Beds are all white now !!!

    Beds are all white now !!!

    Back in September I got some old bunk beds from Dave in Berwick, via Freegle.

    Due to bad weather etc, its taken me a while to do them up, but, after sanding, painting white gloss, more painting white gloss, and then painting a few funky stripes on them, they are finished!

    Thanks to Freegle my kids got new beds!

    Thank you x

    Liz , Eastbourne

  • Tinkerbell style nappy stacker

    Tinkerbell style nappy stacker

    About 7 years ago I bought a bridesmaid dress for my little girl to wear to a party. It was only a few pounds, under £10 new. The first time she wore it, she ripped some of the net overlay. I gave it a new lease of life by altering the overlay so that no-one would notice. She then grew out of this beautiful dress, but I couldn’t bear to part with it. I still had the dress in the cupboard thinking it would come in useful one day. Well it has…

    One of my daughters gave birth to a little girl yesterday and we need something to keep nappies in. Now my daughter is Tinkerbell mad, so I got an old pair of fairy wings from the dressing up box and stitched them onto the back of the dress. Split up the middle of the front of the dress and stitched it to neaten the edges. Added a base. The overlay was cut into pointy bits as on Tinkerbell’s dress and a coat hanger to hold it up.

    My younger daughters’ dress is now a Tinkerbell style nappy stacker. Looks gorgeous hung on the wall and is really useful.

    Carole Hayle & St Ives Freegle

  • Moving House

    A friend told me recently about Freegle as I am moving house and had stuff to shift.

    I can not believe how quickly the things go Within minutes of posting people are contacting me. Some of the things I posted I thought no one would want but it just proves, One ladies junk is another’s treasure.

    Keep Freegling cos I know I will x


    Redbridge Freegle

  • Dear Freegle-towers,

    Just to say that there are few things in life which give a pretty straight-forward warm fuzzy feeling. Normally, it is chased to little avail when helping proves much more complicated and muddled than you may have originally anticipated.

    However, responding to a request for ‘nautical house stuff’ with an offer of drift wood and a little wooden boat pretty much does it. It is so pleasing to think that the wood, which was in the way on a garage shelf waiting for the day when I finally began some craft with it, has now found a happy home. Without the wood pile, taking our bikes in and out of the garage each day is now less awkward.

    Thinking of the cute little boat, which just didn’t fit anywhere in our flat, now having ‘pride of place’ in someone elses home is similarly pleasing.

    So thanks Freegle!

    Carly, Edinburgh Freegle

  • Child playing

    It’s like Christmas day all over again here

    I recently offered a huge child’s toy shop, a child’s pink and purple table and chair, a pink rocking horse, a toy shopping trolley, a bin-liner of toys and a bin-liner of clothes, shoes and belts to my local group (Huddersfield) on behalf of my daughter, who is clearing space for an imminent new arrival.

    I had loads of enquiries for the toys, but in the end I chose a woman called Sarah, who mentioned in her email that she fostered children, this seemed like a lovely home for the toys especially. After Sarah had collected the items she sent me the following email –

    _Hi Kath
    Arrived about 6.15 and collected everything. Please tell your daughter a big thank you. It’s like Christmas day all over again here. We have teenagers trying on clothes and little ones fighting over toys. We are very grateful. Thank you so much. The children we foster have so little, although they get an allowance, so we try to give them as much as possible and when they move on it all goes with them.
    Thank you again.

    It made me realise that Freegle groups can and do make a difference. I am so glad that other children are getting enjoyment from the items.

    Kath , Huddersfield Freegle