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Freegle Stories

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  • Greenhouse.

    I placed an ad for a greenhouse within 2 hrs I had received an email from a lovely gentleman who was kind enough to let me have his.

    My greenhouse is now up and running and am looking forward to some warmer weather to start my new hobby.

    Once again many thanks.

    Sharon Bishop Auckland Freegle

  • Beds are all white now !!!

    Beds are all white now !!!

    Back in September I got some old bunk beds from Dave in Berwick, via Freegle.

    Due to bad weather etc, its taken me a while to do them up, but, after sanding, painting white gloss, more painting white gloss, and then painting a few funky stripes on them, they are finished!

    Thanks to Freegle my kids got new beds!

    Thank you x

    Liz , Eastbourne

  • Gifts I could never afford to give, I can

    I’ve freecycled and now freegled over various homes in Scotland and England over the years. And what I love most is the sheer surprise it often gives.

    I furnished one house from freecycle almost 6 years ago then passed those goods (and more) back again, when I moved to the other end of the country. I furnished another home in just two weeks, immediately before Christmas to make a wonderful home for my family to spend Christmas in, and have passed many of those goods back again as I’ve upgraded and bought new.

    I remember a chocolate fountain gifted for that Christmas that went down a storm, and was freecycled after Christmas to a young couple who wanted it for their wedding reception. I remember pink drawers left in a house when we moved in and I hated, being very gratefully received by a man whose wife had just had a baby girl after 3 boys.

    Most recently I offered a fridge, the taker was from a village with a reputation, I expected this to be recycling goods rather than any especially memorable or joyous experience. The chap who arrived (Mr Birdseye!) wanted the fridge for the local RNLI, the volunteer lifeboat men can now have fresh milk in their tea – my faith in people and my joy in Freegle is renewed. The space where the fridge had sat, was filled, the very same day with a table & chairs, freegled from another local who happily helped load them into my car.

    Gifts I could never afford to give, I can. Goods I could never afford to own, I can.


  • Table and seat now looking neat!

    Table and seat now looking neat!

    Hey guys!

    I run the Thurrock Freegle group in Essex and i just gave away my garden furniture on the our group and wanted to share it’s story.

    About 2 years ago i bought a large wooden 6 seater table and two benches for my garden to give my two sons and myself somewhere to sit outside when it was nice.. Boys being boys and especially boys with xboxs and gaming pc’s, that never actually happened though and the table slowly started to feel sorry for itself and ended up weather beaten. I could never lift it and it’s benches to cut the grass as it was just too heavy so that never got done either!

    This week though i decided to offer it on our Thurrock Freegle group and i chose a family to gift it to, they have 5 kids and so i sent the lady some photos of the table and i let her know it needed some TLC. She was more than happy to sort it out. Her hubby came to pick it up on Wednesday and by Saturday she had sent me some photos of the table all done up and looking lovely!

    I’m so glad that someone could take it off my hands and use it to it’s full capacity and i know i made the right choice picking that family, the lady was so nice. I LOVE Freegle! I’m also happy because my next door neighbours gave me a small glass table with two chairs so we’re all winners!

    I’ve sent you a before and after photo of the table and benches and you can see how well they have fixed it up. It looks like new again! I hope it serves them really well for many years to come!

    Jules Thurrock Freegle

  • Thank the whole Freegle community

    I would like to thank the whole Freegle community for the help I have received from members over the last couple of weeks.

    My husband died very suddenly on 10.5.10 leaving my children and I with a funeral to arrange and all his affairs to sort out. Over the last 2 weeks I have made a few requests which have been met by members on here, with some members going above and beyond the call in order to help. I have had people writing offering to go and buy me items, I have had people coming to deliver items from right across the city. I have had wonderful help from one Freegler who not only went and collected me clothing to wear to my husband’s funeral from another Freegler, but who also took the time to call twice to run through exam techniques with my daughter who was panicking, having a GCSE exam the day before her dad’s funeral. I was even helped to get flowers to put on his coffin.

    With your help I have managed to give my husband a lovely ecologically friendly funeral, we had a humanist celebrant who made the service very personalised, we had a wicker coffin to minimise the polluting effects of the cremation, my clothes were from Freegle and the flowers were from Freegle. I feel cherished and supported by the Freegle community.

    Thank you.

    Janet, Sheffield Freegle

  • Dear Freegle-towers,

    Just to say that there are few things in life which give a pretty straight-forward warm fuzzy feeling. Normally, it is chased to little avail when helping proves much more complicated and muddled than you may have originally anticipated.

    However, responding to a request for ‘nautical house stuff’ with an offer of drift wood and a little wooden boat pretty much does it. It is so pleasing to think that the wood, which was in the way on a garage shelf waiting for the day when I finally began some craft with it, has now found a happy home. Without the wood pile, taking our bikes in and out of the garage each day is now less awkward.

    Thinking of the cute little boat, which just didn’t fit anywhere in our flat, now having ‘pride of place’ in someone elses home is similarly pleasing.

    So thanks Freegle!

    Carly, Edinburgh Freegle

  • Mum is thrilled to bits

    My mum had a massive stroke a year ago, which left her totally paralysed on her right side and because of that and other medical complaints has now had to go into a care home. Her 4 bedroomed house has to be sold to pay her care fees and after being married for around 30 years each, my sisters and I have no need for most of her bits and pieces and furniture.

    My mum was so upset that all her things that had given her so much pleasure and the furniture she had struggled so hard to buy over many years, would all be wasted and taken to the tip or put in a skip. I promised her that nothing that could be used would be wasted.

    We brought all her belongings home a carload at a time and have spent the last few months rehoming them via Freegle. I’ve answered wanted posts and
    placed many many offers. Slowly but surely it has almost all gone. The larger furniture was rehomed via another recycling website in the area where she lives, as to date there is no Freegle in her area. We’ve very nearly cleared it all now and my Mum is thrilled to bits that all the things that gave her so much pleasure over the years, are now giving others pleasure and the furniture she struggled to buy, is being used by others who really needed it.

    For us it has meant that not only is my mum happy, but we haven’t had to pay for skips or removal lorries and the councils landfill site is no fuller for her misfortune. My husband, myself and my Mum are all very grateful that Freegle and similar recycling websites exist.

    Thankyou Freegle.

    Sheila, Stevenage Freegle

  • Whole room of computer hardware

    I was sitting on a whole room of computer hardware saved from the skips when I worked in a computer repair shop and finally decided that I get SO much pleasure from my machines to build up what I had and give it away free so others could enjoy a computer as it all otherwise just sits here and eBay too much trouble.

    So I got over 50 responses with several sob stories and happy to do it———after I have got pleasure from building computers and installing all the software I totally lose interest and return to my network of best machines so they just take up space and I am having a Mega Clear out——-with over 36 black bags filled already…………………………….

    Gordon Swansea-Freegle

  • Exchange and heart!

    A Freegler offered offcuts of wood suitable for firewood. He had asked a builder for offcuts of roof battens which he wanted to use on his allotment but the builder gave him roof rafter offcuts instead which were no use to him at all so he was happy to pass them on to me.

    That afternoon i collected more firewood from another Freegler. (All this wood was for someone who had a wood burning stove but no transport). Alongside his fence he had a bundle of 10 roof battens which he could not use and offered me those as well. I said i would take them for another Freegler as they were too good for firewood. I was so excited that i could give them to the first Freegler who missed out after his request to the builder.

    Then i noticed the garden was really overgrown and we got into conversation about it and he told me how a borrowed lawnmower just could not cope with it. I told him i had been given a rechargeable battery powered strimmer from a Freegler a while ago and had not found a suitable charger for it. It was rather heavy for me to use and i was going to pass it on and suggested he might try it.

    Took it round the next day and left it for him. Then that evening he emailed to say he had managed to find an old charger in the depths of his garden shed and was able to get it up and running.

    This has been my happiest exchanges. Freegler 1 got his battens, Freegler 2 got his strimmer and had his wood removed, Freegler 3 got the wood for his stove, Freegler 4 was able to pass on his strimmer and Freegler 5 (me) met, in all, three lovely people who were all happy with their exchanges.

    Timing and Freeglers’ generosity makes such a blessed difference.

    very best wishes,

    Susan, St. Albans Freegle

  • Spring Cleaning

    I am just waiting till the weather gets a wee bit warmer and I will be doing some serious spring cleaning which no doubt will unearth some interesting items in my little cupboard and shelves which will be of use to those who so require them.

    Freegle is the bestest thing that has happened in this period of austerity resulting in job cuts, unemployment and general hardship.

    Nigel, Lewes and Seahaven Freegle