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Freegle Stories

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  • Nowhere to put it

    Last year I spent days (DAYS!!!) dismantling an old greenhouse from a friend’s garden. Blood (literally), sweat, tears AND sunburn were involved. I carefully marked all the bits with my trusty Sharpie and transported it in batches (rather embarrassingly poking out the top of the car) from one county to another.

    Once I got all the parts home I realised I actually have nowhere to put it… even if I did it would probably just end up as a repository for cruddy old plantpots, rotten bamboo canes, a sad geranium and the obligatory dusty bottle of Babybio. (And actually I don’t have enough time to deal with the triffid-like weeds I’m cultivating as it is, never mind propagating and nurturing more plants that will need MORE attention. Sigh.)

    So, it’s cluttering up my already chav-tastic garden and it has to go. The facts: I have a pile of aluminium parts that will build what I think is a 6’x8’ frame with a sliding door on a gable end. This is an OLD greenhouse – it was a job and a half (ie. lots of expletives were involved) to get it apart so there may be the odd bit that is still attached to another or very slightly warped/bent, etc. My methodical markings have long washed off (so much for permanent marker!) and there are no instructions. I have no idea what make it is, or indeed anything about greenhouses/aluminium-framed garden buildings in general (so please don’t ask difficult questions!).

    It will need new seals and fixings (screw/bolt type thingummybobs) – I have some of the old ones so not a complete mystery in terms of seeking replacements. I have a random pile of glass and perspex – though not enough for the whole structure. Probably. There is also what I believe is an automatic opener thingy (technical term) for a roof ventilation window.

    Would best suit someone who either has a LOT of time and patience or has prior experience in the field of greenhouse erections (oo-er!). PS. I’m sure I took photographs at the time on my phone but they will have long been archived. I can try and dig them out for the ‘lucky’ recipient… if you ask nicely. ;) (And no, I won’t deliver; I don’t care if your auntie’s next-door neighbour’s, coal-man’s canary has millet-deprived triplets; and responses along the lines of: “I’ll take it.” will not be looked on favourably. So there.)

    Stirling City Freegle

  • A Reel Bike Connection

    My grandchildren were coming to stay for a week and the six year old wanted to use our wide flat cycle paths to learn to ride a bike.

    She has one at home but it is hilly and lots of traffic near her.

    I Freegled for an appropriate size bike and had a response from one person.

    It worked and my granddaughter went home riding confidently and transferred her skills to her own bike.

    In order to clear space in the garage to store the bike I offered some out grown toys and a fishing rod and a reel.

    The first person to respond was the girl’s bike donor and he wanted the rod for his daughter.

    That felt like a really good swap!

    Liz, Hull Freegle

  • Conveyancing solicitor

    I worked for some years as a conveyancing solicitor, handling the purchase of new homes. Often young couples or singles would want to purchase a home, and they all wanted to maximise deposits etc so didn’t have much furniture or what they had was ancient hand-me-downs. Sometimes couples were separating and sharing the furniture between them.

    For these people just beginning their lives as new homeowners, I’ve often recommended Freegle and many have come back to me to say how marvellous it has been to furnish their new homes with free furniture.

    I bought my own home and when it came to moving, found that some of my furniture wouldn’t fit or was totally unsuitable. I love the fact that I can experiment with different looks, different furnishings, different…everything. And what I don’t need soon finds a ready home with someone else. Everyone I’ve met has been delightful and it’s a pleasure “doing business” with them. The moderators at the local Freegle site work hard to keep the site a pleasant place. Hats off to them.

    Twinx , Bath Freegle

  • Canned Candles

    I found this candelabra in my friends trailer waiting to be taken to the skip.

    Adapted with tin cans.

    Can’t wait for it to flower!!!

    It will certainly ‘light’ up my garden!!!

    Janice, Preston Freegle

  • Humour from Freegling

    I always read the lists from Freegle when they appear on my screen and we have given away quite a lot of gear via the brilliant system.

    But there is one name, of a man living locally I look out for.

    He doesn’t merely put an ‘offer’ or ‘wanted’ post, but embroiders it with such wit I think he should be writing comedy scripts!

    When I first read one of his posts, I laughed so much I couldn’t resist messaging him to show my appreciation for his brightening up an otherwise dull day!

    So thank you Freegle for that, along with the brilliant service you provide.

    Linda, Lancaster Morecambe Freegle

  • It’s a strange world

    I recently posted an item and arranged for a Freegler to come around and collect it that day at 4pm. It was sink with taps and I had spent some time cleaning it and removing sealer etc.

    The time came and went and the next day I asked my wife if anyone had come to collect the item, “No”, she said. Strange but then I just thought, “Oh well, just a time waster, gee thanks.”

    Later that morning when I went outside to get into my car to go to work I noticed that the item I had offered was not there where I had left it.

    Had someone stolen it or had the Freegler not bothered to knock on our front door and say “Hi” and “Thank you”?

    It’s a strange world, I was obviously brought up differently to respect others and their property. I would never think of not talking to the person making the offer, it’s just polite and also right; I could have reported this as a theft to the police!



  • Best snow shaker

    We made my best snow shaker out of things people didn’t need.

    We got a jam jar from Grandma…uh…we got a character from a broken music box. We got the glue stuff from someone I didn’t know’s front garden.

    We stuck the character on the lid with the strange sticky stuff we got from the person’s garden. I put some sparkly things in from a box from Christmas. I put a little red heart on the top of it. I put water in the jar with something from the back of the baking cupboard [glycerine]. I put a few heart things in the water with the sparkly things.

    I like it. Making it was better than buying one; it was funny collecting the things we needed.

    By Charlotte, aged 6

    Charlotte (Aged 6) , Wellingborough Freegle

  • Penny Farthing

    Penny Farthing

    My husband was about 18 years old when he acquired the bike. His father worked for Shell in Malaysian Borneo, in a town called Miri, and he got it from an acquaintance there. When his parents retired back to the UK, they shipped back the bike along with everything else, and now, at the age of 35, my husband has decided to part with it.

    The likely taker is a lady who works for a children’s home and wants it for the home. I had about ten people who wanted it.

    Tamsin , Recycle Woking

  • Recently Joined

    I’ve only recently joined a local freegle site, but have met some lovely people and hopefully helped by recycling a lot of stuff we’ve had for ages in our loft.

    What an absolutely brilliant idea these sites are – and how lovely that we can help others out if they are really struggling in these times of austerity.

    Carry on the good work folks.

    Jacqueline, Rugby Freegle

  • Gnomes in New Homes

    Last week I decided that the gnomes I inherited when my Mum passed away really needed more TLC than I could manage so I put them up on my group and and 3 ladies showed an interest so I said they could have 6 each, though some of them were not actual gnomes but a rabbit, fox, 3 owls and a duck.

    Sally came yesterday and took 6 of them away, This morning I received 2photos,
    One of them Before she tended to them and one after.

    I am awaiting the 6 from today’s collection and another 6 to go tomorrow.

    My Mum loved to fill her garden with flowers, a vegetable plot, a pond and dotted the gnomes and other stone figures around everywhere.

    Grandchildren loved visiting and looking at them, Mum kept them all in good condition so I hope now they are being restored with love that they can give more people pleasure. One set is going to a children’s school garden, Sally has a three year old daughter who loves the gnomes they already have and hopefully the others will be loved too.

    Freesia , DartfordFreegle