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Freegle Stories

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  • Great advice from the moderators


    I joined Freegle after watching Kirstie Allsops programme on TV and then following the link from her web page.

    I am a member of another site and placed a wanted ad which was rejected and when I asked for feedback their response was poor….

    Anyway so glad Kirstie is backing Freegle as I signed up and have successfully placed my first wanted ad and had great advice from the moderators on how to place ad’s etc but more importantly I have been able to help out another Freegle member.

    A lady had placed a wanted ad in my area for a safety gate and as I had one I no longer needed I was more than happy to pass it on to some one in need.

    Great Idea Freegle I hope to help many more people out as well as may be finding things I need.

    Beverley, Bradford Freegle

  • Recently Joined

    I’ve only recently joined a local freegle site, but have met some lovely people and hopefully helped by recycling a lot of stuff we’ve had for ages in our loft.

    What an absolutely brilliant idea these sites are – and how lovely that we can help others out if they are really struggling in these times of austerity.

    Carry on the good work folks.

    Jacqueline, Rugby Freegle

  • Dear Freegle-towers,

    Just to say that there are few things in life which give a pretty straight-forward warm fuzzy feeling. Normally, it is chased to little avail when helping proves much more complicated and muddled than you may have originally anticipated.

    However, responding to a request for ‘nautical house stuff’ with an offer of drift wood and a little wooden boat pretty much does it. It is so pleasing to think that the wood, which was in the way on a garage shelf waiting for the day when I finally began some craft with it, has now found a happy home. Without the wood pile, taking our bikes in and out of the garage each day is now less awkward.

    Thinking of the cute little boat, which just didn’t fit anywhere in our flat, now having ‘pride of place’ in someone elses home is similarly pleasing.

    So thanks Freegle!

    Carly, Edinburgh Freegle

  • Six year old in training

    My train set dates back as far as 35 years ago when I was a little dot. It got built upon until I was around 15-16 and then boxed up and forgotten about whilst I got older. It was loaned out to a family member for many years and eventually returned when I asked for it back due to having become a father and having one boy that’s train mad. What was returned to me wasn’t everything that was borrow and certainly wasn’t in good condition. By this time I’d already got my 6 year old excited about “daddys great electric train set,” and even he could feel the disappointment when I started unpacking boxes only to be met with broken or damaged trains/track/stations/etc.

    A quick look on eBay and Friday Ad proved that I wasn’t in a position to replace what I wanted to so the plans my lad an I had made for the tracks had to be scaled down to something a bit more simple. By this time we had already boarded out the attic and built a raised table.

    I thought a cheeky request on Freegle might provide a few bits of track IF we were really lucky. Even when I posted the ad I really didn’t expect a single reply.

    Well, a single reply is all I got. It came from a very nice man just north of Lewes and said he had some track and a few bits that I was welcome to albeit in average to poor condition due to its age and the fact it had been in storage for 20+ years.

    When I arrived to have a look at what he had I was led to a garage and presented with two brimming storage boxes of track/trains/carriages/stations/scenery/controllers/bridges/etc. I was amazed. A quick rummage was enough to know that there were a lot of smiles in these boxes for me and my lad so I gratefully accepted them and rushed home.

    At home we emptied the boxes on the kitchen table and were both looking at each other saying “WOW” every 10 seconds as another gem was uncovered. The plans in our heads were scaling up again to building a couple of tracks and a goods shunting yard equal to anything seen on the Island of Sodor. Some of the kit might not work, some of it might be a bit damaged but that doesn’t matter. It’s going to be built and played with for years to come and will make at least two boys very happy (and a third when he gets old enough)

    A collector/enthusiast would have probably paid handsomely for what I was given. I don’t know how to value a permanent smile from a six year old but I hope it’s worth a massive warm glow to a lovely man “just north of Lewes.”

    Freegles ace. A proper community spirit in a world of doom and gloom.


    Tim , Lewes Freegle

  • Mountain bikes stolen

    Last year myself and my friend Dave both had our mountain bikes stolen within 8 weeks of each other.

    I was heartbroken cos I’d bought the bike for myself with some money I’d inherited from my late grandmother. Plus my friend and I dont drive so our bikes were the only form of transport we had (feet excluded!).

    Anyway I posted a wanted ad on Freegle and within a few weeks I’d got a replacement mountain bike for myself and my friend.

    Several weeks later I was offered a better bike by another Freegler so I gave away the first bike to another person on Freegle.

    What a great website! I’ve also given dozens of things away from TV’s to kitchen appliances that would otherwise been difficult to dispose of but instead I was able to give them to grateful people who gave my things a second life.

    All the best!

    Johnny, Leeds Freegle

  • Generosity and kindness of strangers

    I was put onto freegle by a friend of my daughter’s. Her and her husband had pretty well furnished their home completely by collecting older furniture that suited their traditional terraced house completely.

    Toys for my granddaughter, patchwork books for my wife, art materials for me – but more than that – the generosity and kindness of strangers.

    Having ‘downsized’ to a smaller house we needed to get rid of all sorts of stuff some of it furniture i had lovingly made – it could have been very sad but it wasn’t.

    It was a joy to know it when we passed it on it was going to people who would appreciate and enjoy it – proving the truth of the biblical adage about it being more blessed to give.

    David Vale of Glamorgan Freegle

  • Found homes for things we no longer needed

    I have been freegling (is that the word now?) for about a year and a half and have made, in that time, about 60 – 70 offers (we had a lot of stuff) We have met some lovely people, found homes for things we no longer needed – or no longer had room for – things that we could not have sold even if we had wanted to. The most unusual was probably half a bag of calcified seaweed (for a wormery) Today, just a few days before we move to Bath, we found that the charity we had offered some large, good quality items to had no record of our arrangements and no driver to collect them. In a bit of a panic I offered them – all six items – on Freegle and all have gone during the day. Everybody came on time, was very appreciative and a pleasure to meet.

    So. at the end of all this, I just want to say a big thank you to all those good people who run Leeds Freegle. I think it is a great way of strengthening communities and, needless to say, I am already a member of the Bath group – not that we have much left to part with, but I bet once we’ve moved to our much smaller house there we shall find one or two things.

    Pat and Greg, Leeds Freegle

  • ARTS hub 47

    We have recently opened the only creative Co-op on Merseyside called ARTS hub 47 on Lark Lane in Liverpool.

    We had very little money to set up this Co-op so we turned to Freegle.

    We got grout for our sign, tables, equipment, plaster amongst other things but the response was my favorite part people are really lovely and very supportive of us.

    I don’t think we would have been able to open as early as we did without this great support we got. A big thank you to all the people who helped us.

    Jane (Secretary) Liverpool Recycle Part of the Freegle organisation

  • Offered: Unicycle on ChilternFreegle

    Offered: Unicycle on ChilternFreegle

    Pashley Unicycle. Flat tyre but otherwise ready to go. Hours of fun (and frustration). Wear a helmet !! Good luck, Paul

    It was taken that same day.

    Paul said “20 years since I rode this but I’ve still got the scars. It’s a young man’s game. Time for somebody else to ‘saddle up’.”

    Paul ChilternFreegle

  • Singer sewing machine

    A little story…. last week I posted a ‘wanted’ notice on Penrith & Eden Freegle for a sewing machine, and got 2 offers the same day (one from a PACT member actually!). I collected from the lady who made the first offer, it turned out to be an old Singer sewing machine very similar to one I’ve used previously. So far I’ve completed a couple of small projects on it and it seems to work very well, so a great acquisition and another example of the benefit of being a freegler. It also allows me to ‘recycle’ old bits of material into something more useful.

    From my own time living in the developing world it’s also a reminder that many people overseas would be astonished that you can pick up an asset such as a sewing machine for nothing. In India it would be a route into employment, allowing someone to run their own small-scale tailoring business, whereas in reality it would be a major investment to buy, in fact even the purchase of cloth can be prohibitive for someone to get started.

    In the same way bikes such as those appearing on freegle from time to time can also be a major expense in the developing world, yet would also provide a way of reaching work opportunities a little further afield, or even using the bike itself to act as a local courier.

    Today I went to our local recycling site in Appleby and found just dumped there a kitchen bin and a washing up bowl, both in very useable condition so I’ve them brought away.

    In general it’d be great if we can all recognise the value & benefit of almost anything either to our immediate community or even to others further afield. Anyway great to see Freegle working well and continuing to expand in this area!

    Nigel , Penrith and Eden Freegle