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Freegle Stories

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  • A guardian angel

    My best Freegle experience can only be described as a guardian angel looking down on me. When returning from a trip to London, I turned on my computer to find a reclining chair being offered. As my husband is disabled with a back problem this would be the ideal item to make his life more comfortable. I sent an e-mail to the person offering the chair and received one back asking for my phone number. That evening I received a phone call from them confirming the chair was mine, not only this but that they would deliver it to me the next morning, and even though it had snowed overnight they arrived as arranged. As I say my, guardian angels.

    Denise Gilliham, Great Yarmouth Freegle

  • Great advice from the moderators


    I joined Freegle after watching Kirstie Allsops programme on TV and then following the link from her web page.

    I am a member of another site and placed a wanted ad which was rejected and when I asked for feedback their response was poor….

    Anyway so glad Kirstie is backing Freegle as I signed up and have successfully placed my first wanted ad and had great advice from the moderators on how to place ad’s etc but more importantly I have been able to help out another Freegle member.

    A lady had placed a wanted ad in my area for a safety gate and as I had one I no longer needed I was more than happy to pass it on to some one in need.

    Great Idea Freegle I hope to help many more people out as well as may be finding things I need.

    Beverley, Bradford Freegle

  • Jane in Le Marche

    Jane in Le Marche

    I joined Freegle (then Freecycle) several years ago after reading about it in the Guardian newspaper.

    I quickly found local groups and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting fascinating people, gained hints and tips about gardening, home maintenance and been inspired to build my own greenhouse and cold-frames, and make minor repairs to my house using items collected via Freegle.

    It’s been extremely rewarding knowing my unwanted items have been useful to others and I have been to places I would never have known existed in my locality.

    So not only have I had the satisfaction of knowing I have prevented adding to landfill sites and doing my bit to protect the environment, I’ve also gained lots of useful things free, learned new skills and saved myself a lot of money.

    It is therefore appropriate that my last collection via Freegle is a rucksack as I leave the UK next week to live with relatives in Italy for a while.

    If I stay I will hopefully attempt to set up a Freegle group in Le Marche.

    Grazie Freegle and Arriverderci!


    Jane Cromford, Derbyshire.

  • Giant Marrow

    I was fortune enough to receive a giant marrow from a Freegler last week from his allotment.

    This week we have enjoyed stuffed marrow, marrow and other vegetable curry, a tasty marrow tea loaf and even managed to puree some for my daughter who will be weaning soon :)

    Lana, Aberdeen Freegle

  • A Thank you Letter to Freegle

    Thank you for the people that helped me furnish a new home in a new area beautifully, when I had spent all funds on the bricks and mortar, to include almost new sofas, and desirables for my children settling in. Thankyou to the people that helped empty that same house through receiving, when I had lost my partner and both parents within one year. Thankyou to the poeple that received, so that my children did not see that my house was being repossessed some time later and I was unable to afford a van for removal. Thankyou to the people who gave to help furnish a new home that was also to be our adventure. Thankyou to the man who gave me great joy in receiving from me a sofa I had rescued from being crushed in a skip to offer to Freegle – leather and in perfect condition. Thankyou to him, for showing benefit from my efforts and sheer determination. Thankyou for the dining chairs and table that however luxurious your fiance hated: I used them at home and later in an art gallery for interest and display. Thankyou for the simple things that kept us anew. Thankyou for smiling,taking and giving me great pleasures in seeing your faces. Thankyou for enjoying high tech expensive silver kitchen stuff when I prefer white, thankyou for offering a new bed when the old was too filled with memories. Thankyou lady for being fast and strong and taking apart that bed with glee for your daughter, and great to look at and dream on without the history. Thankyou for the plant pots that helped seeds and me grow. Thankyou for keeping my house tidy and clutter free. Thankyou for having a big family so that I can enjoy children’s clothes in great condition, I have paid large sums of money for being passed on to a great home. Thankyou for turning up. Thankyou for being in when I called. Thankyou for showing me your beautiful communal garden made by Freegle for your neighbours. Thankyou for reminding me of the generosity of human spirit. Thankyou for wanting to learn, taking some books and letting me help you. Thankyou for all the cat things when our greatest pleasure adopted us. Thankyou for advice on pet care. Thankyou for helping me teach my kids about all the generosity and courage out there that costs nothing but our time to think. Thankyou for taking my old and giving me your new, and making my memories your beginning. Thankyou for stories from your children adjusting to new life with my children’s things helping them along the way. Thankyou for a lovely computer table, thankyou for beds for sleepovers, thankyou two students for making me laugh that you are young and will walk home with the two seater in fabulous condition you need from me. Thankyou that your mother is more comfortable now, and you have raised money for your disabled son’s school.

    Just Another Freegler, Stirling City Freegle

  • Generosity and kindness of strangers

    I was put onto freegle by a friend of my daughter’s. Her and her husband had pretty well furnished their home completely by collecting older furniture that suited their traditional terraced house completely.

    Toys for my granddaughter, patchwork books for my wife, art materials for me – but more than that – the generosity and kindness of strangers.

    Having ‘downsized’ to a smaller house we needed to get rid of all sorts of stuff some of it furniture i had lovingly made – it could have been very sad but it wasn’t.

    It was a joy to know it when we passed it on it was going to people who would appreciate and enjoy it – proving the truth of the biblical adage about it being more blessed to give.

    David Vale of Glamorgan Freegle

  • Having a good chat

    I have enjoyed using freegle, finding the addresses and seeing different parts of towns, villages I would not normally visit.

    I have enjoyed meeting the people giving or collecting the things offered.

    Sometimes having a good chat with the people. It is good to know we can help each other out with our pre-loved or unwanted items, instead of just sending things to the tip or the dump.

    Margaret BerkoTring Freegle

  • I am so delighted

    I recently totally gutted my kitchen. I am a pensioner living on my own, and it’s been great. I haven’t had to struggle with a single screw. The nicest thing that happened involved my cooker. I had a woman from Porthmadog reply almost immediately, and within the hour she was at my door responding to an invitation to inspect. I opened the door, and she said: “Don’t you know me?” “No, I’m sorry”. It turned out that we were in ballet classes together 54 years ago in Blaenau Ffestiniog! It was very nice indeed. Another hour, and 2 sons and a trailer later and my cooker has a new home in Porthmadog. I am so delighted that absolutely nothing has gone to a landfill site.

    Carol , Porthmadog Recycle

  • broken water butt

    Just goes to show

    I got a broken water butt base off Freegle & I had a broken plant pot.

    Just goes to show what can be done with two broken things.

    Rudy, Porthmadog Recycle

  • Automatically thinks it is from Freegle

    Over the past year I have offered and taken various items. A piano for my daughter, leather chairs for my son’s playroom (he is like Joey off Friends).

    Now if I get something new from the shops my son automatically thinks it is from Freegle he tells his friends how good it is. I joke on that I got him from there!

    Kay Hancock, Middlesbrough Freegle