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Freegle Stories

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  • A guardian angel

    My best Freegle experience can only be described as a guardian angel looking down on me. When returning from a trip to London, I turned on my computer to find a reclining chair being offered. As my husband is disabled with a back problem this would be the ideal item to make his life more comfortable. I sent an e-mail to the person offering the chair and received one back asking for my phone number. That evening I received a phone call from them confirming the chair was mine, not only this but that they would deliver it to me the next morning, and even though it had snowed overnight they arrived as arranged. As I say my, guardian angels.

    Denise Gilliham, Great Yarmouth Freegle


    Gnome-body wanted them!

    About a year and a half past I found out my friend/neighbour (Anne) hated gnomes. Being the practical joker that I am thought it would be really funny to fill her garden with them when she was away. I bought some and decided it would be too costly to do it this way. I then turned to Freegle a few times with no real luck.

    However after persisting with Freegle eventually I got the offer of some from an avid freegler and decided I wasn’t waiting anymore. After Anne had taken the dogs down for their last outing for the night I waited until she went to bed (had to wait as she ha a security light and c.c.t.v) Hallelujah….. I then went into her garden and deposited the gnomes. I heard her in the morning taking the dogs down and had a wee chuckle to myself.

    The next thing I know she is battering against my bedroom window shouting Get up you B——-D I’ve been invaded. And to top it all I also sent her an e-mail asking how does this song go again…?.?.?

    O give me a home
    where the little men roam
    and the Gnomes and the
    leprechauns play
    where the mischief is done
    and the laughter is heard
    and the skies are not light
    when they play….
    Gnomes…Gnomes on the range
    where the Gnomes and
    the leprechauns play.!!!!!!!

    Of course all the neighbours, family and friends had a good laugh (including Anne herself). It has certainly been a good talking point. And YES she will try to get her own back (I await with anticipation)

    Thanks to Freegle as without it and the avid freegler who offered some gnomes I would still be waiting for this to happen.

    Megs Edinburgh Freegle

  • Beds are all white now !!!

    Beds are all white now !!!

    Back in September I got some old bunk beds from Dave in Berwick, via Freegle.

    Due to bad weather etc, its taken me a while to do them up, but, after sanding, painting white gloss, more painting white gloss, and then painting a few funky stripes on them, they are finished!

    Thanks to Freegle my kids got new beds!

    Thank you x

    Liz , Eastbourne

  • My luck did a major turnaround

    Well, today my luck did a major turnaround.

    I am terminally ill and I rely on my mobility scooter – without it I would be a prisoner in my sons home!!

    But thanks to Chris – a Freegler from Furze Platt, Maidenhead my days of running over peoples toes are still in full swing.

    About a year ago I sold my car and got myself an old scooter – sadly the scooter had stopped being made years ago and was slowly losing its will to live – then Chris put the exact same one on Freegle for spares.

    Well Chris, it’s in much better condition than mine so I will be taking bits off mine to make a really good, super dynamic scooter.

    Thanks so much to Chris – and watch ya toes people !!!!!

    kerry, Windsor & Maidenhead Freegle

  • Table and seat now looking neat!

    Table and seat now looking neat!

    Hey guys!

    I run the Thurrock Freegle group in Essex and i just gave away my garden furniture on the our group and wanted to share it’s story.

    About 2 years ago i bought a large wooden 6 seater table and two benches for my garden to give my two sons and myself somewhere to sit outside when it was nice.. Boys being boys and especially boys with xboxs and gaming pc’s, that never actually happened though and the table slowly started to feel sorry for itself and ended up weather beaten. I could never lift it and it’s benches to cut the grass as it was just too heavy so that never got done either!

    This week though i decided to offer it on our Thurrock Freegle group and i chose a family to gift it to, they have 5 kids and so i sent the lady some photos of the table and i let her know it needed some TLC. She was more than happy to sort it out. Her hubby came to pick it up on Wednesday and by Saturday she had sent me some photos of the table all done up and looking lovely!

    I’m so glad that someone could take it off my hands and use it to it’s full capacity and i know i made the right choice picking that family, the lady was so nice. I LOVE Freegle! I’m also happy because my next door neighbours gave me a small glass table with two chairs so we’re all winners!

    I’ve sent you a before and after photo of the table and benches and you can see how well they have fixed it up. It looks like new again! I hope it serves them really well for many years to come!

    Jules Thurrock Freegle

  • Spring Cleaning

    I am just waiting till the weather gets a wee bit warmer and I will be doing some serious spring cleaning which no doubt will unearth some interesting items in my little cupboard and shelves which will be of use to those who so require them.

    Freegle is the bestest thing that has happened in this period of austerity resulting in job cuts, unemployment and general hardship.

    Nigel, Lewes and Seahaven Freegle

  • A Huge Huge THANK YOU

    I recently put an appeal on here for space hoppers for our self funded pony and donkey sanctuary after theirs were stolen and thanks to Freegle we now have very happy donkeys. Once more the request was seen by a member who informed the local radio station and the local news, the donkeys were live on the radio and also featured on BBC Look East.

    Since then we have had many donations of space hoppers and many kind messages supporting the work we do, there are so many kind ppl out there and we are overwhelmed with your kindness we have worked so hard giving these little neglected and abused ponies and donkeys a happy peaceful life where they can live without fear but most importantly live knowing there are ppl who love them for what they are.

    We many not have the facilities and equipment that other larger charitable sanctuaries have but we have more than enough love and kindness to give to our beautiful rescues and that’s what they need so thank you all so very much and if ever you are in the area please feel free to come and visit the littletinkers.

    best wishes

    Julie Bassett, Norwich Freegle

  • Found homes for things we no longer needed

    I have been freegling (is that the word now?) for about a year and a half and have made, in that time, about 60 – 70 offers (we had a lot of stuff) We have met some lovely people, found homes for things we no longer needed – or no longer had room for – things that we could not have sold even if we had wanted to. The most unusual was probably half a bag of calcified seaweed (for a wormery) Today, just a few days before we move to Bath, we found that the charity we had offered some large, good quality items to had no record of our arrangements and no driver to collect them. In a bit of a panic I offered them – all six items – on Freegle and all have gone during the day. Everybody came on time, was very appreciative and a pleasure to meet.

    So. at the end of all this, I just want to say a big thank you to all those good people who run Leeds Freegle. I think it is a great way of strengthening communities and, needless to say, I am already a member of the Bath group – not that we have much left to part with, but I bet once we’ve moved to our much smaller house there we shall find one or two things.

    Pat and Greg, Leeds Freegle

  • Mum is thrilled to bits

    My mum had a massive stroke a year ago, which left her totally paralysed on her right side and because of that and other medical complaints has now had to go into a care home. Her 4 bedroomed house has to be sold to pay her care fees and after being married for around 30 years each, my sisters and I have no need for most of her bits and pieces and furniture.

    My mum was so upset that all her things that had given her so much pleasure and the furniture she had struggled so hard to buy over many years, would all be wasted and taken to the tip or put in a skip. I promised her that nothing that could be used would be wasted.

    We brought all her belongings home a carload at a time and have spent the last few months rehoming them via Freegle. I’ve answered wanted posts and
    placed many many offers. Slowly but surely it has almost all gone. The larger furniture was rehomed via another recycling website in the area where she lives, as to date there is no Freegle in her area. We’ve very nearly cleared it all now and my Mum is thrilled to bits that all the things that gave her so much pleasure over the years, are now giving others pleasure and the furniture she struggled to buy, is being used by others who really needed it.

    For us it has meant that not only is my mum happy, but we haven’t had to pay for skips or removal lorries and the councils landfill site is no fuller for her misfortune. My husband, myself and my Mum are all very grateful that Freegle and similar recycling websites exist.

    Thankyou Freegle.

    Sheila, Stevenage Freegle

  • Pots and Pans

    Understand the social mechanics of the local community

    My family and I are Italian/Australian (or vice versa) who, following a sequence of hard times since 2006, arrived in this country in September 2008 with one bag each and £700 to our name. Thru God’s grace, our good fortune and the members of Greencycle, we have been able to:

    get a leg up to join British society, entertain the kids, prepare food, store clothes, stay warm, watch TV and videos, do favours for others, reduce our own clutter, understand the social mechanics of the local community, meet new friends and… experience the warm fuzzies unique to a committed recycler!

    Zz , Greencycle Sussex