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  • A speedy result

    Having lost my Nokia phone-charger, I posted a ‘Wanted’ plea on Freegle one evening.

    First thing next morning there was a reply from a village about eight miles away that said: ‘If you’ve read this early enough, pop down to the railway station and my daughter will pass a charger to you when the 10.20 train comes through!’

    The plan worked brilliantly, saving me a 16-mile trip.

    Good, eh! Freegle is brilliant!

    Gerry, Matlock Freegle

  • Gnomes in New Homes

    Last week I decided that the gnomes I inherited when my Mum passed away really needed more TLC than I could manage so I put them up on my group and and 3 ladies showed an interest so I said they could have 6 each, though some of them were not actual gnomes but a rabbit, fox, 3 owls and a duck.

    Sally came yesterday and took 6 of them away, This morning I received 2photos,
    One of them Before she tended to them and one after.

    I am awaiting the 6 from today’s collection and another 6 to go tomorrow.

    My Mum loved to fill her garden with flowers, a vegetable plot, a pond and dotted the gnomes and other stone figures around everywhere.

    Grandchildren loved visiting and looking at them, Mum kept them all in good condition so I hope now they are being restored with love that they can give more people pleasure. One set is going to a children’s school garden, Sally has a three year old daughter who loves the gnomes they already have and hopefully the others will be loved too.

    Freesia , DartfordFreegle

  • Beds are all white now !!!

    Beds are all white now !!!

    Back in September I got some old bunk beds from Dave in Berwick, via Freegle.

    Due to bad weather etc, its taken me a while to do them up, but, after sanding, painting white gloss, more painting white gloss, and then painting a few funky stripes on them, they are finished!

    Thanks to Freegle my kids got new beds!

    Thank you x

    Liz , Eastbourne

  • broken water butt

    Just goes to show

    I got a broken water butt base off Freegle & I had a broken plant pot.

    Just goes to show what can be done with two broken things.

    Rudy, Porthmadog Recycle

  • A Freegle Workbench

    A Freegle Workbench

    I’d wanted a sturdy workbench for while, then was given an engineer’s vice and a pillar drill stand for my birthday, so I wanted one even more!

    Then someone offered some timber left behind after some building work, so yesterday afternoon I put this together.

    Even the bolts were left over from something else.


  • Forward Planning

    During the winter last year, my grandchildren developed a fear of the dark when they came to stay. So I asked Eastbourne Freeglers to help me out. A lovely night light was offered and an address and time sorted out. Right, I thought, let’s get ready. Wrapping up well I got my mobility scooter out and popped the lead on my spaniel. Off we went. She loved to trot along beside me, ears flying and tail wagging.

    I had decided on the route, which was one I used to take when I was on foot – now I cannot walk further than across the road to a neighbour. What a mistake that was. I should have gone down Seaside. I am in Roselands near Eastbourne’s tip and used St Philips Road down to the Fire Station, right into Whitley Road, left into Firle Road, which bends itself into Ashford Road. Heading for town, intending to break off before Cavendish Place to get to a road between Ashford Road and Seaside.

    Long story, short. I found that there are not enough dropped pavements or driveways to help my route. I ended up going in the right direction (left hand side of the road) getting to the corner and having a drop of over 3” having to turn left and keep going until I could find another dropped pavement! A couple of times this meant almost going around the block! (I could not go on the road because of my dog)

    So, for a journey that should have taken say, 30 minutes, it took 2 hours there and back. And the pick up? No, I didn’t manage it because of a weird way of numbering the houses. You know, if you follow the houses number by number, when you get to 10 you expect 12 or 11 you expect 13 next. Well I got to the house I thought I needed to find, to discover it was flats. I had had to cross the road and go over many bumps so my standing for long was down to about 3 minutes. No one answered. So I had to go back. I took the better route along Seaside. My poor spaniel was very tired and had to ride with me at times.

    I got home very, very tired. My husband gave me a cup of tea whilst I explained. We got into the car (he had not long been home from work) and went to where I thought I should have been to discover, had I gone on a bit further, a crescent of houses were numbered from 1 to 18 (I think) but this time with ‘a’ so 10 became 10a! I had missed the house completely! Boy would I love to live there!!! Would I ever get mail? Lovely night light though. A big help.

    Sorry about the long story. But the moral is, make sure you know where you are going! Be fair to those coming to see you, give them guidance and warnings needed. And then, plan how you are going to get there more carefully if your own mobility has changed! If it had been a top floor flat for instance!!!


    Erika Eastbourne Freegle

  • Mountain bikes stolen

    Last year myself and my friend Dave both had our mountain bikes stolen within 8 weeks of each other.

    I was heartbroken cos I’d bought the bike for myself with some money I’d inherited from my late grandmother. Plus my friend and I dont drive so our bikes were the only form of transport we had (feet excluded!).

    Anyway I posted a wanted ad on Freegle and within a few weeks I’d got a replacement mountain bike for myself and my friend.

    Several weeks later I was offered a better bike by another Freegler so I gave away the first bike to another person on Freegle.

    What a great website! I’ve also given dozens of things away from TV’s to kitchen appliances that would otherwise been difficult to dispose of but instead I was able to give them to grateful people who gave my things a second life.

    All the best!

    Johnny, Leeds Freegle

  • Child playing

    It’s like Christmas day all over again here

    I recently offered a huge child’s toy shop, a child’s pink and purple table and chair, a pink rocking horse, a toy shopping trolley, a bin-liner of toys and a bin-liner of clothes, shoes and belts to my local group (Huddersfield) on behalf of my daughter, who is clearing space for an imminent new arrival.

    I had loads of enquiries for the toys, but in the end I chose a woman called Sarah, who mentioned in her email that she fostered children, this seemed like a lovely home for the toys especially. After Sarah had collected the items she sent me the following email –

    _Hi Kath
    Arrived about 6.15 and collected everything. Please tell your daughter a big thank you. It’s like Christmas day all over again here. We have teenagers trying on clothes and little ones fighting over toys. We are very grateful. Thank you so much. The children we foster have so little, although they get an allowance, so we try to give them as much as possible and when they move on it all goes with them.
    Thank you again.

    It made me realise that Freegle groups can and do make a difference. I am so glad that other children are getting enjoyment from the items.

    Kath , Huddersfield Freegle

  • Gem's table and bench after painting

    Gem’s table and bench after painting

    I have had lots of things gifted to me over the last couple of years, all of which I am really grateful for. I thought I would share a makeover story.

    I have been doing up my garden, in a bid to love it more and utilise it more. I had put a wanted post on Freegle for some garden furniture. Everyone who is on Freegle will know what I mean, when I say that, when anyone replies to one of your posts it is last thing you would expect and you are very appreciative for them reading the post let alone replying. It is sometimes overwhelming how kind people are. A lovely couple offered me a bench and table and a water butt. They also dropped it off at my house, because my car was just not big enough.

    They admitted the table was now a bit unloved and they had bought a new set. Well it didn’t matter and I had in mind what I would do.

    I sanded them and painted them. They are not to every ones taste but I love them and I haven’t seen anything like them in any shops. I hope people can realise that what junk they may be throwing away is like the saying, someone else’s treasure.

    Gem , Warrington Freegle

  • Wool

    I crochet blankets for the dogs home. I asked for wool on the Freegle website and have received some.

    People are so kind.

    I love to recycle and will continue to use this site.

    Julie, Liverpool Recycle