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Freegle Stories

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  • Gives warm glow to give and receive.

    Great quick way to get rid of surplus belongings and a fun way to track down wanted items.

    Very well run-always gives warm glow to give and receive.

    Thank you to the group volunteers.

    I am always telling people about Green Cycle and they are always grateful.

    Thank you for all your efforts.

    Tessa GreenCycleSussex

  • Gifts I could never afford to give, I can

    I’ve freecycled and now freegled over various homes in Scotland and England over the years. And what I love most is the sheer surprise it often gives.

    I furnished one house from freecycle almost 6 years ago then passed those goods (and more) back again, when I moved to the other end of the country. I furnished another home in just two weeks, immediately before Christmas to make a wonderful home for my family to spend Christmas in, and have passed many of those goods back again as I’ve upgraded and bought new.

    I remember a chocolate fountain gifted for that Christmas that went down a storm, and was freecycled after Christmas to a young couple who wanted it for their wedding reception. I remember pink drawers left in a house when we moved in and I hated, being very gratefully received by a man whose wife had just had a baby girl after 3 boys.

    Most recently I offered a fridge, the taker was from a village with a reputation, I expected this to be recycling goods rather than any especially memorable or joyous experience. The chap who arrived (Mr Birdseye!) wanted the fridge for the local RNLI, the volunteer lifeboat men can now have fresh milk in their tea – my faith in people and my joy in Freegle is renewed. The space where the fridge had sat, was filled, the very same day with a table & chairs, freegled from another local who happily helped load them into my car.

    Gifts I could never afford to give, I can. Goods I could never afford to own, I can.


  • Good quality top soil

    My neighbour is drastically altering his garden, which means he has been piling up loads and loads of really good quality top soil.

    I offered to see if I could shift some of it via Freegle. I think about 20 people have come and helped themselves now. I have chatted to some of them, but one that I didn’t meet – Wayne – sent me this email after he had visited.

    “Hi Anna, thank you for getting back to me. I’ve been and taken some soil. You were right it is lovely stuff, it’ll be perfect for my veg/spuds.

    Also, thank you for a great introduction into the world of Freegle, this was my first time and it couldn’t have been better.”

    (Wayne is happy for this to be used as publicity.. I asked him).

    Anna, Sheffield Freegle (Moderator)

  • Jane in Le Marche

    Jane in Le Marche

    I joined Freegle (then Freecycle) several years ago after reading about it in the Guardian newspaper.

    I quickly found local groups and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting fascinating people, gained hints and tips about gardening, home maintenance and been inspired to build my own greenhouse and cold-frames, and make minor repairs to my house using items collected via Freegle.

    It’s been extremely rewarding knowing my unwanted items have been useful to others and I have been to places I would never have known existed in my locality.

    So not only have I had the satisfaction of knowing I have prevented adding to landfill sites and doing my bit to protect the environment, I’ve also gained lots of useful things free, learned new skills and saved myself a lot of money.

    It is therefore appropriate that my last collection via Freegle is a rucksack as I leave the UK next week to live with relatives in Italy for a while.

    If I stay I will hopefully attempt to set up a Freegle group in Le Marche.

    Grazie Freegle and Arriverderci!


    Jane Cromford, Derbyshire.

  • A Rabbit Hutch for Captain Fang

    My son Steve, who lives on his own, has a much loved rescue cat named Captain Fang to keep him company, but as he has glass in his back door, the cat has to ask to be let in and out.

    Last winter, Steve said that the cat really needed a shelter for when he was not at home, so I asked if anyone had a rabbit hutch.

    A lovely person offered me a hutch that was just the right size, and my husband replaced the wire front with a plastic window and a cat flap.

    He also re roofed the hutch with shed roofing and I made a cushion to fit inside.

    Steve says that Captain Fang loves his house and spends a lot of time in it. It will be particularly useful in the winter.

    I wish I had taken a photo of it, but hope to do so one day with Captain Fang in residence.

    Thanks to a Freegler Captain Fang has a warm dry comfortable home from home and independence, which it what he needed.

    Helena, Teford Freegle

  • I am so delighted

    I recently totally gutted my kitchen. I am a pensioner living on my own, and it’s been great. I haven’t had to struggle with a single screw. The nicest thing that happened involved my cooker. I had a woman from Porthmadog reply almost immediately, and within the hour she was at my door responding to an invitation to inspect. I opened the door, and she said: “Don’t you know me?” “No, I’m sorry”. It turned out that we were in ballet classes together 54 years ago in Blaenau Ffestiniog! It was very nice indeed. Another hour, and 2 sons and a trailer later and my cooker has a new home in Porthmadog. I am so delighted that absolutely nothing has gone to a landfill site.

    Carol , Porthmadog Recycle

  • Cages and straw on offer

    As my kids and I have begun breeding guinea pigs and now, rabbits on a hobby basis, we were finding it difficult to house them all. Someone on Freegle had 2 cages and straw on offer. I was lucky to be offered them. Although the fellow freeglers lived nearby, I use bikes and buses for transport and have no car. The kind couple arranged to deliver them in their car and duly did. I was so pleased and the 2 cages are fantastic.

    Carrie Todd, Edinburgh Freegle

  • A Huge Huge THANK YOU

    I recently put an appeal on here for space hoppers for our self funded pony and donkey sanctuary after theirs were stolen and thanks to Freegle we now have very happy donkeys. Once more the request was seen by a member who informed the local radio station and the local news, the donkeys were live on the radio and also featured on BBC Look East.

    Since then we have had many donations of space hoppers and many kind messages supporting the work we do, there are so many kind ppl out there and we are overwhelmed with your kindness we have worked so hard giving these little neglected and abused ponies and donkeys a happy peaceful life where they can live without fear but most importantly live knowing there are ppl who love them for what they are.

    We many not have the facilities and equipment that other larger charitable sanctuaries have but we have more than enough love and kindness to give to our beautiful rescues and that’s what they need so thank you all so very much and if ever you are in the area please feel free to come and visit the littletinkers.

    best wishes

    Julie Bassett, Norwich Freegle

  • Thank You Freegle Group Owners/Members

    Please can I begin with a big thank you to all the Freegle, owners, for all the hard work they do,and all the free time they give to Freegle.

    Over 12 months ago I was talking to one of my friends about my photo collection, saying how much I loved collecting them, and saying what a great way of saving a bit history I thought it was, and what a shame so much history ends up in the bin, she then told me about Freegle and wow I have never looked back.

    Although I do buy some photos from Ebay etc most of my photos have been donated by you kind hearted Freeglers, my small collection of photos is now huge and still growing, I now have a lot of people coming to me for that old black and white they are looking for, and of course if I can help I do.

    Last week I was approached by a gentleman looking for photos of the 1st world war and he has suggested me putting together an album to be copied and printed for next year to celebrate 100 years since the end of the 1st world war. I thought this sounded a lovely idea, so if any business person out there think this is a good idea? Please let me know?

    This would of Course be a non profit challenge for me and any one that would like to help. I thought the obvious place to donate any profit would be Freegle.

    Please note:

    This has not been sorted yet with Freegle, as at the moment it is only an idea, if it looks like it will be a goer then I will ask Freegle how to donate etc.

    So all ideas help or comments good or bad welcome.

    Thanks again for all you kind gifts over the last 12 months

    Stuart Keller, Bradford Freegle and others.

  • Having a good chat

    I have enjoyed using freegle, finding the addresses and seeing different parts of towns, villages I would not normally visit.

    I have enjoyed meeting the people giving or collecting the things offered.

    Sometimes having a good chat with the people. It is good to know we can help each other out with our pre-loved or unwanted items, instead of just sending things to the tip or the dump.

    Margaret BerkoTring Freegle