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  • Many thanks for providing the service

    I joined the group to try to find homes for the things that I had to clear from my mum’s house. She died before Christmas and now that the house is clear and on the market. I’ve been able to shift a few things this way and it’s been very useful, as well as beneficial in seeing parts of my childhood find a new home. Equally, having to throw stuff away at the tip is somewhat traumatic for the same reason.

    Many thanks for providing the service.

    Chris , Leamington Freegle

  • Happy New Year to you all at Freegle!

    I just wanted to tell you how much my husband and I appreciate and have benifited from the freegle circles that we have linked into.

    We arrived in this country 4 years ago from Zimbabwe, with just our suitcases of clothes.

    Although our two young children who were already working here helped us as much as they could, it was thanks to freegles that we now have most of our comfortable furniture, beds, carpets and many of our kitchen goods.

    We, in turn, introduced our elderly employer to freegle and got rid of a lot of stuff for her too.

    The whole concept is just brilliant, and I really do thank all of you who volunteer your help to keep the whole ball rolling.

    Many, many thanks, and all the very best for 2013!

    Warmest regards,

    Chlobell, Bicester Freegle

  • Giant Marrow

    I was fortune enough to receive a giant marrow from a Freegler last week from his allotment.

    This week we have enjoyed stuffed marrow, marrow and other vegetable curry, a tasty marrow tea loaf and even managed to puree some for my daughter who will be weaning soon :)

    Lana, Aberdeen Freegle

  • Little circles

    I have a number of alternative parenting/pregnancy and birthing books that I’ve built up over the years (homebirth, lotus birth, empowering books, extended breastfeeding, natural child spacing, etc…) and although offered on Freegle, no-one has yet asked about them (well, one woman wanted one of them). This might sound funny but these books have become a bit like ‘my babies’ and I’ve really wanted them to go to a good home where they will serve someone else as they have served me at those times when I’ve had little or no support from the medical community. Those times when they’ve tried to push me into a hospital delivery, for instance, when I’ve gone ‘over’ my ESTIMATED due dates (they forget these are ‘estimated’), even right back to 1992 when no-one in my community was having homebirths anymore (at that time) and the midwives and doctors were trying to get me to forgo my homebirth in favour of something ‘safer’ (in their opinion. As it happens, the ONLY time I picked up an infection during childbirth that, in the past, would have killed me was AT the maternity hospital, along with several other women at the same time. I’ve had no problems whatsoever with any of my 3 homebirths).

    Anyway, a lady from Freegle wrote to me this morning saying she’d seen the list of alternative birth/parenting books I had on offer and would I consider donating them to local branch of The Hypatia Trust, which serves a local community of women – to support and empower them in their choices. It seems perfect! There, LOTS of women will have access to them… just what I wanted! These are books you won’t find in bookshops unless you specifically order them and even then, some of them will be hard to get hold of as they’re not average mainstream books. So I went to their webpage just now and saw that their website has been ‘built’ by my old dentist! Just funny how these circles present themselves – all these things (my old dentist, Freegle, alternative parenting, The Hypatia Trust) that seem so disconnected, now connecting up! :-)

    Another lady from Freegle contacted me afterwards and asked if I’d consider donating them to an organisation called the ‘Cornwall Natural Parenting & Slingmeet Group’ where actually I feel they’ll be much better placed (as the first lady said when I talked with her about it to see if she’d mind – The Hypatia Trust tends to have an older readership so they may not reach the people I hope they will)…. I’m just off to tell the second lady that yes, they can have the books!

    Maya Penzance freegle

  • Our Garden Cabin, also known as the House of Doors.

    Our Garden Cabin, also known as the House of Doors.

    It was built as a jewellery workshop from my wife. The house was constructed entirely from old exterior doors that I got from various donors via Freegle. The internal structural frame and flooring base were also made from wood donated via Freegle. The shed felt on the roof is the only ‘new’ product on the cabin, and that’s simply because the old felt (recycled from another shed) blew off in a storm.

    The wide sides (which have been weatherproofed with an extra layer of wood cladding) are made from sliding 1960s shop doors donated from a garden centre. The interior of the cabin has been kitted out using desktops and shelving from a local school, again via Freegle!

    I am very proud of this part of my garden because pretty much everything in it is recycled, the chicken enclosure to the rear of the cabin is made from Freegled wood, netting, a gate and concrete blocks. All the landscaping around the cabin (slabs, blocks, bricks, roof tiles) are all via Freegle too. The only things I have paid for really are the things to stick it all together – eg, nails and screws.

    You can make useful and even beautiful things from recycled materials. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy breathing new life in to old materials and I urge you to try it if you’ve never tried it before!

    Warm regards to everyone,

    Jay Birmingham

  • A Reel Bike Connection

    My grandchildren were coming to stay for a week and the six year old wanted to use our wide flat cycle paths to learn to ride a bike.

    She has one at home but it is hilly and lots of traffic near her.

    I Freegled for an appropriate size bike and had a response from one person.

    It worked and my granddaughter went home riding confidently and transferred her skills to her own bike.

    In order to clear space in the garage to store the bike I offered some out grown toys and a fishing rod and a reel.

    The first person to respond was the girl’s bike donor and he wanted the rod for his daughter.

    That felt like a really good swap!

    Liz, Hull Freegle

  • Six year old in training

    My train set dates back as far as 35 years ago when I was a little dot. It got built upon until I was around 15-16 and then boxed up and forgotten about whilst I got older. It was loaned out to a family member for many years and eventually returned when I asked for it back due to having become a father and having one boy that’s train mad. What was returned to me wasn’t everything that was borrow and certainly wasn’t in good condition. By this time I’d already got my 6 year old excited about “daddys great electric train set,” and even he could feel the disappointment when I started unpacking boxes only to be met with broken or damaged trains/track/stations/etc.

    A quick look on eBay and Friday Ad proved that I wasn’t in a position to replace what I wanted to so the plans my lad an I had made for the tracks had to be scaled down to something a bit more simple. By this time we had already boarded out the attic and built a raised table.

    I thought a cheeky request on Freegle might provide a few bits of track IF we were really lucky. Even when I posted the ad I really didn’t expect a single reply.

    Well, a single reply is all I got. It came from a very nice man just north of Lewes and said he had some track and a few bits that I was welcome to albeit in average to poor condition due to its age and the fact it had been in storage for 20+ years.

    When I arrived to have a look at what he had I was led to a garage and presented with two brimming storage boxes of track/trains/carriages/stations/scenery/controllers/bridges/etc. I was amazed. A quick rummage was enough to know that there were a lot of smiles in these boxes for me and my lad so I gratefully accepted them and rushed home.

    At home we emptied the boxes on the kitchen table and were both looking at each other saying “WOW” every 10 seconds as another gem was uncovered. The plans in our heads were scaling up again to building a couple of tracks and a goods shunting yard equal to anything seen on the Island of Sodor. Some of the kit might not work, some of it might be a bit damaged but that doesn’t matter. It’s going to be built and played with for years to come and will make at least two boys very happy (and a third when he gets old enough)

    A collector/enthusiast would have probably paid handsomely for what I was given. I don’t know how to value a permanent smile from a six year old but I hope it’s worth a massive warm glow to a lovely man “just north of Lewes.”

    Freegles ace. A proper community spirit in a world of doom and gloom.


    Tim , Lewes Freegle

  • Dear Freegle-towers,

    Just to say that there are few things in life which give a pretty straight-forward warm fuzzy feeling. Normally, it is chased to little avail when helping proves much more complicated and muddled than you may have originally anticipated.

    However, responding to a request for ‘nautical house stuff’ with an offer of drift wood and a little wooden boat pretty much does it. It is so pleasing to think that the wood, which was in the way on a garage shelf waiting for the day when I finally began some craft with it, has now found a happy home. Without the wood pile, taking our bikes in and out of the garage each day is now less awkward.

    Thinking of the cute little boat, which just didn’t fit anywhere in our flat, now having ‘pride of place’ in someone elses home is similarly pleasing.

    So thanks Freegle!

    Carly, Edinburgh Freegle

  • I am glad I haven’t

    I couldn’t unsubscribe originally when I got rid of my first item. But now I am glad I haven’t.

    Been able to help others with their needs, cleared a load of stuff I didn’t want, and, every one I have met seems very pleasant.

    Thank you for being there to help us all, I will be staying very involved, mostly giving for now.

    Janet Tiverton

  • Whole room of computer hardware

    I was sitting on a whole room of computer hardware saved from the skips when I worked in a computer repair shop and finally decided that I get SO much pleasure from my machines to build up what I had and give it away free so others could enjoy a computer as it all otherwise just sits here and eBay too much trouble.

    So I got over 50 responses with several sob stories and happy to do it———after I have got pleasure from building computers and installing all the software I totally lose interest and return to my network of best machines so they just take up space and I am having a Mega Clear out——-with over 36 black bags filled already…………………………….

    Gordon Swansea-Freegle