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  • Thank You note.

    I recently offered a 14” TV/DVD unit to the group, had loads of requests for it, one that caught my eye was from someone who is a refuge project worker at Havant Women’s Aid.

    Her reply to me read :

    We have a family who have recently moved into the refuge with four teenage children. This would be ideal as the kids could have it in their bedroom so they have some time separate from the other residents and their younger siblings. We are able to collect whenever is convenient for you. Thanks for considering us.

    Usual contact followed, she came to collect it…we chatted etc…I wished her well…off she went.

    Tonight I had an envelope through the door, my name on the front, opened it, pulled out a key ring with a hand drawn racing car fob, and a hand written note in very young writing.

    It said :

    Dear Bill, we thank you very much for the TV you gave us. It has made our life at the refuge much better and given us a reason to like our room, so thank you very, very much.

    Drawn on the other side of the paper was a huge THANK YOU all multi coloured…

    I was really touched by this as you can imagine…I showed it to my other half, Kris, she was quite touched too….

    My point is, if I hadn’t had the opportunity to offer it in the first place, this would not have happened.

    Bill Fiddes, Havant Freegle

  • A good feeling

    This is just so fantastic; really nice (and not so nice things) which I don`t want, other people do want and are happy to do up/fettle etc.

    It gives me a good feeling that I am not filling landfill; the item is not being wasted; I have got rid of something I no longer need and the other person is a happy bunny; all at no cost to me or Him/Her or the Planet.

    Win , Win , Win , Win , !!!!

    Rachel, Kendal Freegle

  • A Huge Huge THANK YOU

    I recently put an appeal on here for space hoppers for our self funded pony and donkey sanctuary after theirs were stolen and thanks to Freegle we now have very happy donkeys. Once more the request was seen by a member who informed the local radio station and the local news, the donkeys were live on the radio and also featured on BBC Look East.

    Since then we have had many donations of space hoppers and many kind messages supporting the work we do, there are so many kind ppl out there and we are overwhelmed with your kindness we have worked so hard giving these little neglected and abused ponies and donkeys a happy peaceful life where they can live without fear but most importantly live knowing there are ppl who love them for what they are.

    We many not have the facilities and equipment that other larger charitable sanctuaries have but we have more than enough love and kindness to give to our beautiful rescues and that’s what they need so thank you all so very much and if ever you are in the area please feel free to come and visit the littletinkers.

    best wishes

    Julie Bassett, Norwich Freegle

  • Singer sewing machine

    A little story…. last week I posted a ‘wanted’ notice on Penrith & Eden Freegle for a sewing machine, and got 2 offers the same day (one from a PACT member actually!). I collected from the lady who made the first offer, it turned out to be an old Singer sewing machine very similar to one I’ve used previously. So far I’ve completed a couple of small projects on it and it seems to work very well, so a great acquisition and another example of the benefit of being a freegler. It also allows me to ‘recycle’ old bits of material into something more useful.

    From my own time living in the developing world it’s also a reminder that many people overseas would be astonished that you can pick up an asset such as a sewing machine for nothing. In India it would be a route into employment, allowing someone to run their own small-scale tailoring business, whereas in reality it would be a major investment to buy, in fact even the purchase of cloth can be prohibitive for someone to get started.

    In the same way bikes such as those appearing on freegle from time to time can also be a major expense in the developing world, yet would also provide a way of reaching work opportunities a little further afield, or even using the bike itself to act as a local courier.

    Today I went to our local recycling site in Appleby and found just dumped there a kitchen bin and a washing up bowl, both in very useable condition so I’ve them brought away.

    In general it’d be great if we can all recognise the value & benefit of almost anything either to our immediate community or even to others further afield. Anyway great to see Freegle working well and continuing to expand in this area!

    Nigel , Penrith and Eden Freegle

  • Having a good chat

    I have enjoyed using freegle, finding the addresses and seeing different parts of towns, villages I would not normally visit.

    I have enjoyed meeting the people giving or collecting the things offered.

    Sometimes having a good chat with the people. It is good to know we can help each other out with our pre-loved or unwanted items, instead of just sending things to the tip or the dump.

    Margaret BerkoTring Freegle

  • Mum is thrilled to bits

    My mum had a massive stroke a year ago, which left her totally paralysed on her right side and because of that and other medical complaints has now had to go into a care home. Her 4 bedroomed house has to be sold to pay her care fees and after being married for around 30 years each, my sisters and I have no need for most of her bits and pieces and furniture.

    My mum was so upset that all her things that had given her so much pleasure and the furniture she had struggled so hard to buy over many years, would all be wasted and taken to the tip or put in a skip. I promised her that nothing that could be used would be wasted.

    We brought all her belongings home a carload at a time and have spent the last few months rehoming them via Freegle. I’ve answered wanted posts and
    placed many many offers. Slowly but surely it has almost all gone. The larger furniture was rehomed via another recycling website in the area where she lives, as to date there is no Freegle in her area. We’ve very nearly cleared it all now and my Mum is thrilled to bits that all the things that gave her so much pleasure over the years, are now giving others pleasure and the furniture she struggled to buy, is being used by others who really needed it.

    For us it has meant that not only is my mum happy, but we haven’t had to pay for skips or removal lorries and the councils landfill site is no fuller for her misfortune. My husband, myself and my Mum are all very grateful that Freegle and similar recycling websites exist.

    Thankyou Freegle.

    Sheila, Stevenage Freegle

  • Our Garden Cabin, also known as the House of Doors.

    Our Garden Cabin, also known as the House of Doors.

    It was built as a jewellery workshop from my wife. The house was constructed entirely from old exterior doors that I got from various donors via Freegle. The internal structural frame and flooring base were also made from wood donated via Freegle. The shed felt on the roof is the only ‘new’ product on the cabin, and that’s simply because the old felt (recycled from another shed) blew off in a storm.

    The wide sides (which have been weatherproofed with an extra layer of wood cladding) are made from sliding 1960s shop doors donated from a garden centre. The interior of the cabin has been kitted out using desktops and shelving from a local school, again via Freegle!

    I am very proud of this part of my garden because pretty much everything in it is recycled, the chicken enclosure to the rear of the cabin is made from Freegled wood, netting, a gate and concrete blocks. All the landscaping around the cabin (slabs, blocks, bricks, roof tiles) are all via Freegle too. The only things I have paid for really are the things to stick it all together – eg, nails and screws.

    You can make useful and even beautiful things from recycled materials. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy breathing new life in to old materials and I urge you to try it if you’ve never tried it before!

    Warm regards to everyone,

    Jay Birmingham

  • Meeting so many truly wonderful people

    Last year a very good friend of mine was dying of cancer. By special dispensation of the archbishop he was married to the mother of his 8 year old son in St. James Hospital. She was disabled and pregnant at the time, then contracted meningitis and was in hospital herself. Needless to say, neither of them were able to make preparations for the new baby. So I set about collecting as much from Freegle offers as I could in preparation for the baby’s arrival. My friends were really appreciative for having that worry taken care of for them. They were also amazed, not knowing about Freegle themselves beforehand. As for me, it kept me busy and made me feel useful at a time when it would have been easy to feel helpless. I got to help without needing money, which I just didn’t have. Meeting so many truly wonderful people through Freegle really helped me through a very sad time. A healthy baby girl was born and my friend got to see her before he died. That was my first Freegle baby. Now it’s my turn. I want my baby to be a Freegle baby too, as a statement to the fact that my child is being born into a community of generous, principled and resourceful people.

    Claire , Leeds Freegle

  • Gnomes in New Homes

    Last week I decided that the gnomes I inherited when my Mum passed away really needed more TLC than I could manage so I put them up on my group and and 3 ladies showed an interest so I said they could have 6 each, though some of them were not actual gnomes but a rabbit, fox, 3 owls and a duck.

    Sally came yesterday and took 6 of them away, This morning I received 2photos,
    One of them Before she tended to them and one after.

    I am awaiting the 6 from today’s collection and another 6 to go tomorrow.

    My Mum loved to fill her garden with flowers, a vegetable plot, a pond and dotted the gnomes and other stone figures around everywhere.

    Grandchildren loved visiting and looking at them, Mum kept them all in good condition so I hope now they are being restored with love that they can give more people pleasure. One set is going to a children’s school garden, Sally has a three year old daughter who loves the gnomes they already have and hopefully the others will be loved too.

    Freesia , DartfordFreegle

  • Respite centre


    I would just like to thank all the generous people on Freegle who donated items for the children at the Respite centre, and the scratching post which my kittens love.

    I have told my brother and son about your site, so hopefully they will join in and stop landfill.

    Thank you for a great site.

    Anne Sheppey & Sittingbourne Freegle / Canterbury Freegle