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  • Wool

    I crochet blankets for the dogs home. I asked for wool on the Freegle website and have received some.

    People are so kind.

    I love to recycle and will continue to use this site.

    Julie, Liverpool Recycle

  • I’m disorganised

    I always try to post a thank you message to folks straight after picking up, but I confess that sometimes I’m disorganised. The trouble is, once you realise how much fun, or use you’re having, a few months later, it’d feel odd to get in contact again so late, and I’ve often lost the e-mail address, so I thought I’d use the cafe to say a few thank you’s. The right people may not read them, but maybe they’ll give you all a warm feeling for things you’ve given away.

    So, thank you to the lady from Caversham who has provided my daughter with hours of fun, by just asking did I want some bath toys when I went to pick up some Megablocks (also good fun, BTW!) The Winnie the Pooh bath toys are in daily use, and helped us realise how much our little one’s speech was improving, as she asks for Tigger or Piglet each time! Thanks to the same lady for two stools designed for toilet training, but that are getting good use at my daughter’s (charity shop) easel.

    Thank you to a lady from West Reading for the small trampoline – it’s well loved – although little one currently dances on it, as she hasn’t yet mastered jumping!

    Thank you too to the little girl from Shinfield who passed on her fab pink trike to plenty of enjoyment (and only once to dozing off on it!)

    Thank you to someone in Shinfield for the piano many years ago! Rescued from her garage, our neighbours kindly helped the collection, and it looks fabulous. it’s been a source of entertainment for two of us for a long time, and now our daughter is experimenting!

    Thank you to the lady who was in Woodley, but was moving, for the highchair. That’s had a lot of use – usually several times a day.

    Thank you to yesterday’s pick-up of books for my little girl – each parent has already read them to her several times already!

    Thank you to the gentleman who responded to my “wanted” for a hairdryer – it doesn’t get used that often, but everytime it is, I am always so grateful!

    Thank you to someone from near town centre for the footspa – it was good to try, but we eventually re-freegled as we felt someone else might make better use of it.

    Thank you to the lady who lived near where my sister used to, for the fabulous lilac hat & brooch – I’ve worn them to two weddings already, and I’m sure those wont be the last.

    Thank you to the lady in Woodley who supplied a pushchair parasol, which helped reduce my maternal worries no end.

    Thank you to someone for the re-bounder / trampette / exercise trampoline. It did get good use, though not so much lately, so that might form part of the clear out I’m itching to do, in that magical time of “when things are a bit less busy.” One of the things that is fab about freegle is that you can give things a try, and if it doesn’t work out, or your life changes a bit, re-freegle it.

    Thank you to the person in Caversham whose blender has been used SOOOO much, and has helped make a lot of healthy vegetable soups, which I’m sure has been even more environmentally friendly than you’d have guessed, as those soups constantly help save me having to buy clothes in much larger sizes!

    Thank you to the lady just down the road from me, from the dressmakers patterns and offer of advice if needed. I never did take you up on it, but it was very kind of you. This was a few years before my little girl, and I passed the children’s ones onto a friend, who I think made several things for both her girls. (Where she finds the hours, I don’t know, but I’m glad they were used!)

    Thank you also to all the people who took things away – the space cleared has been wonderful, and I’m always happier if I think things are going to a good home! It’s definitely time for another clear out, so that’s added to the list of things I aim to do in June… or July if things run away from me, as usual.

    And of course if anyone feels the urge to offer a dressmakers’ dummy, an alto sax, or anything a toddler can have fun with, I’ll look forward to e-mailing you too!

    P.S. And an early thank you to the Woodley lady I’m arranging a pick-up with now – looking forward to enjoying the goodies!

    Gill Smith, Reading and Woodley Cafe

  • Conveyancing solicitor

    I worked for some years as a conveyancing solicitor, handling the purchase of new homes. Often young couples or singles would want to purchase a home, and they all wanted to maximise deposits etc so didn’t have much furniture or what they had was ancient hand-me-downs. Sometimes couples were separating and sharing the furniture between them.

    For these people just beginning their lives as new homeowners, I’ve often recommended Freegle and many have come back to me to say how marvellous it has been to furnish their new homes with free furniture.

    I bought my own home and when it came to moving, found that some of my furniture wouldn’t fit or was totally unsuitable. I love the fact that I can experiment with different looks, different furnishings, different…everything. And what I don’t need soon finds a ready home with someone else. Everyone I’ve met has been delightful and it’s a pleasure “doing business” with them. The moderators at the local Freegle site work hard to keep the site a pleasant place. Hats off to them.

    Twinx , Bath Freegle

  • The world is for sharing, not hoarding.

    It was a good first experience for me with my offer bringing some happiness to a single mother and her children.

    The world is for sharing, not hoarding.

    Messaoud, Huddersfield Recycle

  • Humour from Freegling

    I always read the lists from Freegle when they appear on my screen and we have given away quite a lot of gear via the brilliant system.

    But there is one name, of a man living locally I look out for.

    He doesn’t merely put an ‘offer’ or ‘wanted’ post, but embroiders it with such wit I think he should be writing comedy scripts!

    When I first read one of his posts, I laughed so much I couldn’t resist messaging him to show my appreciation for his brightening up an otherwise dull day!

    So thank you Freegle for that, along with the brilliant service you provide.

    Linda, Lancaster Morecambe Freegle

  • Gifts I could never afford to give, I can

    I’ve freecycled and now freegled over various homes in Scotland and England over the years. And what I love most is the sheer surprise it often gives.

    I furnished one house from freecycle almost 6 years ago then passed those goods (and more) back again, when I moved to the other end of the country. I furnished another home in just two weeks, immediately before Christmas to make a wonderful home for my family to spend Christmas in, and have passed many of those goods back again as I’ve upgraded and bought new.

    I remember a chocolate fountain gifted for that Christmas that went down a storm, and was freecycled after Christmas to a young couple who wanted it for their wedding reception. I remember pink drawers left in a house when we moved in and I hated, being very gratefully received by a man whose wife had just had a baby girl after 3 boys.

    Most recently I offered a fridge, the taker was from a village with a reputation, I expected this to be recycling goods rather than any especially memorable or joyous experience. The chap who arrived (Mr Birdseye!) wanted the fridge for the local RNLI, the volunteer lifeboat men can now have fresh milk in their tea – my faith in people and my joy in Freegle is renewed. The space where the fridge had sat, was filled, the very same day with a table & chairs, freegled from another local who happily helped load them into my car.

    Gifts I could never afford to give, I can. Goods I could never afford to own, I can.


  • Thank the whole Freegle community

    I would like to thank the whole Freegle community for the help I have received from members over the last couple of weeks.

    My husband died very suddenly on 10.5.10 leaving my children and I with a funeral to arrange and all his affairs to sort out. Over the last 2 weeks I have made a few requests which have been met by members on here, with some members going above and beyond the call in order to help. I have had people writing offering to go and buy me items, I have had people coming to deliver items from right across the city. I have had wonderful help from one Freegler who not only went and collected me clothing to wear to my husband’s funeral from another Freegler, but who also took the time to call twice to run through exam techniques with my daughter who was panicking, having a GCSE exam the day before her dad’s funeral. I was even helped to get flowers to put on his coffin.

    With your help I have managed to give my husband a lovely ecologically friendly funeral, we had a humanist celebrant who made the service very personalised, we had a wicker coffin to minimise the polluting effects of the cremation, my clothes were from Freegle and the flowers were from Freegle. I feel cherished and supported by the Freegle community.

    Thank you.

    Janet, Sheffield Freegle

  • I am so delighted

    I recently totally gutted my kitchen. I am a pensioner living on my own, and it’s been great. I haven’t had to struggle with a single screw. The nicest thing that happened involved my cooker. I had a woman from Porthmadog reply almost immediately, and within the hour she was at my door responding to an invitation to inspect. I opened the door, and she said: “Don’t you know me?” “No, I’m sorry”. It turned out that we were in ballet classes together 54 years ago in Blaenau Ffestiniog! It was very nice indeed. Another hour, and 2 sons and a trailer later and my cooker has a new home in Porthmadog. I am so delighted that absolutely nothing has gone to a landfill site.

    Carol , Porthmadog Recycle

  • Greenhouse.

    I placed an ad for a greenhouse within 2 hrs I had received an email from a lovely gentleman who was kind enough to let me have his.

    My greenhouse is now up and running and am looking forward to some warmer weather to start my new hobby.

    Once again many thanks.

    Sharon Bishop Auckland Freegle

  • ARTS hub 47

    We have recently opened the only creative Co-op on Merseyside called ARTS hub 47 on Lark Lane in Liverpool.

    We had very little money to set up this Co-op so we turned to Freegle.

    We got grout for our sign, tables, equipment, plaster amongst other things but the response was my favorite part people are really lovely and very supportive of us.

    I don’t think we would have been able to open as early as we did without this great support we got. A big thank you to all the people who helped us.

    Jane (Secretary) Liverpool Recycle Part of the Freegle organisation