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  • I’m disorganised

    I always try to post a thank you message to folks straight after picking up, but I confess that sometimes I’m disorganised. The trouble is, once you realise how much fun, or use you’re having, a few months later, it’d feel odd to get in contact again so late, and I’ve often lost the e-mail address, so I thought I’d use the cafe to say a few thank you’s. The right people may not read them, but maybe they’ll give you all a warm feeling for things you’ve given away.

    So, thank you to the lady from Caversham who has provided my daughter with hours of fun, by just asking did I want some bath toys when I went to pick up some Megablocks (also good fun, BTW!) The Winnie the Pooh bath toys are in daily use, and helped us realise how much our little one’s speech was improving, as she asks for Tigger or Piglet each time! Thanks to the same lady for two stools designed for toilet training, but that are getting good use at my daughter’s (charity shop) easel.

    Thank you to a lady from West Reading for the small trampoline – it’s well loved – although little one currently dances on it, as she hasn’t yet mastered jumping!

    Thank you too to the little girl from Shinfield who passed on her fab pink trike to plenty of enjoyment (and only once to dozing off on it!)

    Thank you to someone in Shinfield for the piano many years ago! Rescued from her garage, our neighbours kindly helped the collection, and it looks fabulous. it’s been a source of entertainment for two of us for a long time, and now our daughter is experimenting!

    Thank you to the lady who was in Woodley, but was moving, for the highchair. That’s had a lot of use – usually several times a day.

    Thank you to yesterday’s pick-up of books for my little girl – each parent has already read them to her several times already!

    Thank you to the gentleman who responded to my “wanted” for a hairdryer – it doesn’t get used that often, but everytime it is, I am always so grateful!

    Thank you to someone from near town centre for the footspa – it was good to try, but we eventually re-freegled as we felt someone else might make better use of it.

    Thank you to the lady who lived near where my sister used to, for the fabulous lilac hat & brooch – I’ve worn them to two weddings already, and I’m sure those wont be the last.

    Thank you to the lady in Woodley who supplied a pushchair parasol, which helped reduce my maternal worries no end.

    Thank you to someone for the re-bounder / trampette / exercise trampoline. It did get good use, though not so much lately, so that might form part of the clear out I’m itching to do, in that magical time of “when things are a bit less busy.” One of the things that is fab about freegle is that you can give things a try, and if it doesn’t work out, or your life changes a bit, re-freegle it.

    Thank you to the person in Caversham whose blender has been used SOOOO much, and has helped make a lot of healthy vegetable soups, which I’m sure has been even more environmentally friendly than you’d have guessed, as those soups constantly help save me having to buy clothes in much larger sizes!

    Thank you to the lady just down the road from me, from the dressmakers patterns and offer of advice if needed. I never did take you up on it, but it was very kind of you. This was a few years before my little girl, and I passed the children’s ones onto a friend, who I think made several things for both her girls. (Where she finds the hours, I don’t know, but I’m glad they were used!)

    Thank you also to all the people who took things away – the space cleared has been wonderful, and I’m always happier if I think things are going to a good home! It’s definitely time for another clear out, so that’s added to the list of things I aim to do in June… or July if things run away from me, as usual.

    And of course if anyone feels the urge to offer a dressmakers’ dummy, an alto sax, or anything a toddler can have fun with, I’ll look forward to e-mailing you too!

    P.S. And an early thank you to the Woodley lady I’m arranging a pick-up with now – looking forward to enjoying the goodies!

    Gill Smith, Reading and Woodley Cafe

  • Mountain bikes stolen

    Last year myself and my friend Dave both had our mountain bikes stolen within 8 weeks of each other.

    I was heartbroken cos I’d bought the bike for myself with some money I’d inherited from my late grandmother. Plus my friend and I dont drive so our bikes were the only form of transport we had (feet excluded!).

    Anyway I posted a wanted ad on Freegle and within a few weeks I’d got a replacement mountain bike for myself and my friend.

    Several weeks later I was offered a better bike by another Freegler so I gave away the first bike to another person on Freegle.

    What a great website! I’ve also given dozens of things away from TV’s to kitchen appliances that would otherwise been difficult to dispose of but instead I was able to give them to grateful people who gave my things a second life.

    All the best!

    Johnny, Leeds Freegle

  • Goods saved from the skip

    GreenCycleSussex is the Freegle group in Brighton, Cat who runs the group became aware of some local offices that were closing down.

    Much of the contents from the 4 storey building had been relocated and some given away to friends but when it came to their final day in the building there was still skips full of stuff left!

    So Cat popped over there to see if Freegle could help, she posted offers onto the group of all the office equipment left and in less than 3 hours all the goods were saved from the skip.

    Filing cabinets, many PCs, screens and telephones, hundreds of ring binders, mountains of office paraphenalia, furniture, books and stationery.

    A brilliant example of how useful a Freegle group and Freegle volunteers can be. Money saved. Goods redistributed. Waste avoided. Happy people.

    Julia in Brighton sent in this story about that day.

    “I have been having issues with my pc for ages and money is quite tight, I saw an ad on GreenCycleSussex for some unwanted PCs and went around to the address not thinking that there would be anything left.

    There was a lovely woman there who took me to a room and told me that I could take what I want and also a couple of really nice guys who gave me a couple of PCs and monitor and also a heater as well !!

    I then realised when I got home I forgot to ask for the password so emailed the group volunteer to ask for help. Cat then contacted the people from the office and got me the passwords for the PCs.

    Really a lovely experience, no haggling involved and everybody is happy and I now have a PC that works !!

    Would recommend to anyone, not only is it nice to deal with people on that level, it saves money in hard times and reduces unnecessary landfill everybody should do it, I am hooked !!!!!”

    Quote from Lisa at Environmental Protection UK (Brighton office) -one of the tenants vacating the office building:
    “Thanks for all your help Cat! So great to see so much stuff picked up by freeglers”

    Julia GreenCycleSussex

  • Humour from Freegling

    I always read the lists from Freegle when they appear on my screen and we have given away quite a lot of gear via the brilliant system.

    But there is one name, of a man living locally I look out for.

    He doesn’t merely put an ‘offer’ or ‘wanted’ post, but embroiders it with such wit I think he should be writing comedy scripts!

    When I first read one of his posts, I laughed so much I couldn’t resist messaging him to show my appreciation for his brightening up an otherwise dull day!

    So thank you Freegle for that, along with the brilliant service you provide.

    Linda, Lancaster Morecambe Freegle

  • The world is for sharing, not hoarding.

    It was a good first experience for me with my offer bringing some happiness to a single mother and her children.

    The world is for sharing, not hoarding.

    Messaoud, Huddersfield Recycle

  • Tumble drier

    Tumble drier

    My neighbour recently threw out a Hotpoint tumble dryer for reasons unknown – apparently working, externally looks like new; I could only conclude it didn’t match the brand of his washer (!) I got it shunted round to my drive and I gave it away on Freegle the same evening; mad mad world! Of course there’s the question whether we should be using power-guzzling tumble dryers at all rather than air drying, but that’s a whole other debate…..

    Nigel , Penrith and Eden District Freegle

  • Wool

    I crochet blankets for the dogs home. I asked for wool on the Freegle website and have received some.

    People are so kind.

    I love to recycle and will continue to use this site.

    Julie, Liverpool Recycle

  • A Champion Spark

    I recently posted a Champion spark plug.

    The chap who came to collect it was thrilled as he has a classic Triumph motorbike that only works well with this make a type of plug…now impossible to obtain!

    He was thrilled and it was lovely to know that something so insignificant to me (my unwanted and unloved item) was making him so happy.

    Liz , Henley on Thames Freegle

  • I am glad I haven’t

    I couldn’t unsubscribe originally when I got rid of my first item. But now I am glad I haven’t.

    Been able to help others with their needs, cleared a load of stuff I didn’t want, and, every one I have met seems very pleasant.

    Thank you for being there to help us all, I will be staying very involved, mostly giving for now.

    Janet Tiverton

  • Nowhere to put it

    Last year I spent days (DAYS!!!) dismantling an old greenhouse from a friend’s garden. Blood (literally), sweat, tears AND sunburn were involved. I carefully marked all the bits with my trusty Sharpie and transported it in batches (rather embarrassingly poking out the top of the car) from one county to another.

    Once I got all the parts home I realised I actually have nowhere to put it… even if I did it would probably just end up as a repository for cruddy old plantpots, rotten bamboo canes, a sad geranium and the obligatory dusty bottle of Babybio. (And actually I don’t have enough time to deal with the triffid-like weeds I’m cultivating as it is, never mind propagating and nurturing more plants that will need MORE attention. Sigh.)

    So, it’s cluttering up my already chav-tastic garden and it has to go. The facts: I have a pile of aluminium parts that will build what I think is a 6’x8’ frame with a sliding door on a gable end. This is an OLD greenhouse – it was a job and a half (ie. lots of expletives were involved) to get it apart so there may be the odd bit that is still attached to another or very slightly warped/bent, etc. My methodical markings have long washed off (so much for permanent marker!) and there are no instructions. I have no idea what make it is, or indeed anything about greenhouses/aluminium-framed garden buildings in general (so please don’t ask difficult questions!).

    It will need new seals and fixings (screw/bolt type thingummybobs) – I have some of the old ones so not a complete mystery in terms of seeking replacements. I have a random pile of glass and perspex – though not enough for the whole structure. Probably. There is also what I believe is an automatic opener thingy (technical term) for a roof ventilation window.

    Would best suit someone who either has a LOT of time and patience or has prior experience in the field of greenhouse erections (oo-er!). PS. I’m sure I took photographs at the time on my phone but they will have long been archived. I can try and dig them out for the ‘lucky’ recipient… if you ask nicely. ;) (And no, I won’t deliver; I don’t care if your auntie’s next-door neighbour’s, coal-man’s canary has millet-deprived triplets; and responses along the lines of: “I’ll take it.” will not be looked on favourably. So there.)

    Stirling City Freegle