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Freegle Stories

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  • Offered: Unicycle on ChilternFreegle

    Offered: Unicycle on ChilternFreegle

    Pashley Unicycle. Flat tyre but otherwise ready to go. Hours of fun (and frustration). Wear a helmet !! Good luck, Paul

    It was taken that same day.

    Paul said “20 years since I rode this but I’ve still got the scars. It’s a young man’s game. Time for somebody else to ‘saddle up’.”

    Paul ChilternFreegle

  • Recently Joined

    I’ve only recently joined a local freegle site, but have met some lovely people and hopefully helped by recycling a lot of stuff we’ve had for ages in our loft.

    What an absolutely brilliant idea these sites are – and how lovely that we can help others out if they are really struggling in these times of austerity.

    Carry on the good work folks.

    Jacqueline, Rugby Freegle

  • Cages and straw on offer

    As my kids and I have begun breeding guinea pigs and now, rabbits on a hobby basis, we were finding it difficult to house them all. Someone on Freegle had 2 cages and straw on offer. I was lucky to be offered them. Although the fellow freeglers lived nearby, I use bikes and buses for transport and have no car. The kind couple arranged to deliver them in their car and duly did. I was so pleased and the 2 cages are fantastic.

    Carrie Todd, Edinburgh Freegle

  • Tinkerbell style nappy stacker

    Tinkerbell style nappy stacker

    About 7 years ago I bought a bridesmaid dress for my little girl to wear to a party. It was only a few pounds, under £10 new. The first time she wore it, she ripped some of the net overlay. I gave it a new lease of life by altering the overlay so that no-one would notice. She then grew out of this beautiful dress, but I couldn’t bear to part with it. I still had the dress in the cupboard thinking it would come in useful one day. Well it has…

    One of my daughters gave birth to a little girl yesterday and we need something to keep nappies in. Now my daughter is Tinkerbell mad, so I got an old pair of fairy wings from the dressing up box and stitched them onto the back of the dress. Split up the middle of the front of the dress and stitched it to neaten the edges. Added a base. The overlay was cut into pointy bits as on Tinkerbell’s dress and a coat hanger to hold it up.

    My younger daughters’ dress is now a Tinkerbell style nappy stacker. Looks gorgeous hung on the wall and is really useful.

    Carole Hayle & St Ives Freegle

  • Thank You Freegle Group Owners/Members

    Please can I begin with a big thank you to all the Freegle, owners, for all the hard work they do,and all the free time they give to Freegle.

    Over 12 months ago I was talking to one of my friends about my photo collection, saying how much I loved collecting them, and saying what a great way of saving a bit history I thought it was, and what a shame so much history ends up in the bin, she then told me about Freegle and wow I have never looked back.

    Although I do buy some photos from Ebay etc most of my photos have been donated by you kind hearted Freeglers, my small collection of photos is now huge and still growing, I now have a lot of people coming to me for that old black and white they are looking for, and of course if I can help I do.

    Last week I was approached by a gentleman looking for photos of the 1st world war and he has suggested me putting together an album to be copied and printed for next year to celebrate 100 years since the end of the 1st world war. I thought this sounded a lovely idea, so if any business person out there think this is a good idea? Please let me know?

    This would of Course be a non profit challenge for me and any one that would like to help. I thought the obvious place to donate any profit would be Freegle.

    Please note:

    This has not been sorted yet with Freegle, as at the moment it is only an idea, if it looks like it will be a goer then I will ask Freegle how to donate etc.

    So all ideas help or comments good or bad welcome.

    Thanks again for all you kind gifts over the last 12 months

    Stuart Keller, Bradford Freegle and others.

  • Moved to a new office

    We can’t recommend Freegle enough after having a truly excellent experience this year! Cat (Freegle Media) helped us find some really good office furniture, which we’ve been really happy with.

    We recently moved to a new office in Brighton and through Freegle we found a lot of the things we needed, like desks and filing cabinets. Now we have a really good workplace.

    Everything’s in great condition and both viewing and collection went smoothly.

    We’re keen to re-use things and keep as much as possible out of landfill, so that’s another reason why we hope other organisations will get in touch with Freegle and benefit in the same ways as we have.

    Thanks for your help.

    Best wishes,

    Jenny Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

  • Having a good chat

    I have enjoyed using freegle, finding the addresses and seeing different parts of towns, villages I would not normally visit.

    I have enjoyed meeting the people giving or collecting the things offered.

    Sometimes having a good chat with the people. It is good to know we can help each other out with our pre-loved or unwanted items, instead of just sending things to the tip or the dump.

    Margaret BerkoTring Freegle

  • Gem's table and bench after painting

    Gem’s table and bench after painting

    I have had lots of things gifted to me over the last couple of years, all of which I am really grateful for. I thought I would share a makeover story.

    I have been doing up my garden, in a bid to love it more and utilise it more. I had put a wanted post on Freegle for some garden furniture. Everyone who is on Freegle will know what I mean, when I say that, when anyone replies to one of your posts it is last thing you would expect and you are very appreciative for them reading the post let alone replying. It is sometimes overwhelming how kind people are. A lovely couple offered me a bench and table and a water butt. They also dropped it off at my house, because my car was just not big enough.

    They admitted the table was now a bit unloved and they had bought a new set. Well it didn’t matter and I had in mind what I would do.

    I sanded them and painted them. They are not to every ones taste but I love them and I haven’t seen anything like them in any shops. I hope people can realise that what junk they may be throwing away is like the saying, someone else’s treasure.

    Gem , Warrington Freegle

  • Stuff from the Council offices

    Thanks so much to Brighton & Hove Council for the cupboards I picked up just before Christmas and Freegle Cat’s amazing work in getting not just these but so much other stuff from the Council offices reused by many happy recipients.

    These metals cupboards will make a perfect storage solution for me, and save me a bunch of £. I don’t feel quite so bad about paying Council Tax now.

    Bill, Brighton - GreenCycle Sussex

  • Best snow shaker

    We made my best snow shaker out of things people didn’t need.

    We got a jam jar from Grandma…uh…we got a character from a broken music box. We got the glue stuff from someone I didn’t know’s front garden.

    We stuck the character on the lid with the strange sticky stuff we got from the person’s garden. I put some sparkly things in from a box from Christmas. I put a little red heart on the top of it. I put water in the jar with something from the back of the baking cupboard [glycerine]. I put a few heart things in the water with the sparkly things.

    I like it. Making it was better than buying one; it was funny collecting the things we needed.

    By Charlotte, aged 6

    Charlotte (Aged 6) , Wellingborough Freegle