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  • My luck did a major turnaround

    Well, today my luck did a major turnaround.

    I am terminally ill and I rely on my mobility scooter – without it I would be a prisoner in my sons home!!

    But thanks to Chris – a Freegler from Furze Platt, Maidenhead my days of running over peoples toes are still in full swing.

    About a year ago I sold my car and got myself an old scooter – sadly the scooter had stopped being made years ago and was slowly losing its will to live – then Chris put the exact same one on Freegle for spares.

    Well Chris, it’s in much better condition than mine so I will be taking bits off mine to make a really good, super dynamic scooter.

    Thanks so much to Chris – and watch ya toes people !!!!!

    kerry, Windsor & Maidenhead Freegle

  • Tumble drier

    Tumble drier

    My neighbour recently threw out a Hotpoint tumble dryer for reasons unknown – apparently working, externally looks like new; I could only conclude it didn’t match the brand of his washer (!) I got it shunted round to my drive and I gave it away on Freegle the same evening; mad mad world! Of course there’s the question whether we should be using power-guzzling tumble dryers at all rather than air drying, but that’s a whole other debate…..

    Nigel , Penrith and Eden District Freegle

  • Built to last.

    Built to last

    I remember when Dad purchased our new pink Hoover Senior in 1961, to replace the Hoover Junior which had served 10 years. In recent years it has looked every one of its 50 odd years and makes a lot of noise but doesn’t really pick up well.

    Dad on the other hand doesn’t look his 90 odd years and still functions really well, though after almost 58 years is a little lost since Mum died.

    At times I have taken my elderly Dyson with me to clean, hoping that Dad would be tempted to replace his Hoover when he saw the improvement. Then I saw an Offer on Chiltern Freegle of a working Dyson and was lucky.

    We have had someone on Chiltern asking for old music /TV technology for photo shoots. It is probably very unlikely that anyone will want this period cleaner but I think I will offer it just in case.

    Dad meanwhile, has been using it so much that in 4 days he has had to empty it 4 times. He was convinced I had really paid something for it though is now marveling at the whole Freegle system.

    Tricia Chiltern Freegle

  • A good feeling

    This is just so fantastic; really nice (and not so nice things) which I don`t want, other people do want and are happy to do up/fettle etc.

    It gives me a good feeling that I am not filling landfill; the item is not being wasted; I have got rid of something I no longer need and the other person is a happy bunny; all at no cost to me or Him/Her or the Planet.

    Win , Win , Win , Win , !!!!

    Rachel, Kendal Freegle

  • Gnomes in New Homes

    Last week I decided that the gnomes I inherited when my Mum passed away really needed more TLC than I could manage so I put them up on my group and and 3 ladies showed an interest so I said they could have 6 each, though some of them were not actual gnomes but a rabbit, fox, 3 owls and a duck.

    Sally came yesterday and took 6 of them away, This morning I received 2photos,
    One of them Before she tended to them and one after.

    I am awaiting the 6 from today’s collection and another 6 to go tomorrow.

    My Mum loved to fill her garden with flowers, a vegetable plot, a pond and dotted the gnomes and other stone figures around everywhere.

    Grandchildren loved visiting and looking at them, Mum kept them all in good condition so I hope now they are being restored with love that they can give more people pleasure. One set is going to a children’s school garden, Sally has a three year old daughter who loves the gnomes they already have and hopefully the others will be loved too.

    Freesia , DartfordFreegle

  • Humour from Freegling

    I always read the lists from Freegle when they appear on my screen and we have given away quite a lot of gear via the brilliant system.

    But there is one name, of a man living locally I look out for.

    He doesn’t merely put an ‘offer’ or ‘wanted’ post, but embroiders it with such wit I think he should be writing comedy scripts!

    When I first read one of his posts, I laughed so much I couldn’t resist messaging him to show my appreciation for his brightening up an otherwise dull day!

    So thank you Freegle for that, along with the brilliant service you provide.

    Linda, Lancaster Morecambe Freegle

  • Gifts I could never afford to give, I can

    I’ve freecycled and now freegled over various homes in Scotland and England over the years. And what I love most is the sheer surprise it often gives.

    I furnished one house from freecycle almost 6 years ago then passed those goods (and more) back again, when I moved to the other end of the country. I furnished another home in just two weeks, immediately before Christmas to make a wonderful home for my family to spend Christmas in, and have passed many of those goods back again as I’ve upgraded and bought new.

    I remember a chocolate fountain gifted for that Christmas that went down a storm, and was freecycled after Christmas to a young couple who wanted it for their wedding reception. I remember pink drawers left in a house when we moved in and I hated, being very gratefully received by a man whose wife had just had a baby girl after 3 boys.

    Most recently I offered a fridge, the taker was from a village with a reputation, I expected this to be recycling goods rather than any especially memorable or joyous experience. The chap who arrived (Mr Birdseye!) wanted the fridge for the local RNLI, the volunteer lifeboat men can now have fresh milk in their tea – my faith in people and my joy in Freegle is renewed. The space where the fridge had sat, was filled, the very same day with a table & chairs, freegled from another local who happily helped load them into my car.

    Gifts I could never afford to give, I can. Goods I could never afford to own, I can.


  • It’s a strange world

    I recently posted an item and arranged for a Freegler to come around and collect it that day at 4pm. It was sink with taps and I had spent some time cleaning it and removing sealer etc.

    The time came and went and the next day I asked my wife if anyone had come to collect the item, “No”, she said. Strange but then I just thought, “Oh well, just a time waster, gee thanks.”

    Later that morning when I went outside to get into my car to go to work I noticed that the item I had offered was not there where I had left it.

    Had someone stolen it or had the Freegler not bothered to knock on our front door and say “Hi” and “Thank you”?

    It’s a strange world, I was obviously brought up differently to respect others and their property. I would never think of not talking to the person making the offer, it’s just polite and also right; I could have reported this as a theft to the police!



  • Tinkerbell style nappy stacker

    Tinkerbell style nappy stacker

    About 7 years ago I bought a bridesmaid dress for my little girl to wear to a party. It was only a few pounds, under £10 new. The first time she wore it, she ripped some of the net overlay. I gave it a new lease of life by altering the overlay so that no-one would notice. She then grew out of this beautiful dress, but I couldn’t bear to part with it. I still had the dress in the cupboard thinking it would come in useful one day. Well it has…

    One of my daughters gave birth to a little girl yesterday and we need something to keep nappies in. Now my daughter is Tinkerbell mad, so I got an old pair of fairy wings from the dressing up box and stitched them onto the back of the dress. Split up the middle of the front of the dress and stitched it to neaten the edges. Added a base. The overlay was cut into pointy bits as on Tinkerbell’s dress and a coat hanger to hold it up.

    My younger daughters’ dress is now a Tinkerbell style nappy stacker. Looks gorgeous hung on the wall and is really useful.

    Carole Hayle & St Ives Freegle

  • Whole room of computer hardware

    I was sitting on a whole room of computer hardware saved from the skips when I worked in a computer repair shop and finally decided that I get SO much pleasure from my machines to build up what I had and give it away free so others could enjoy a computer as it all otherwise just sits here and eBay too much trouble.

    So I got over 50 responses with several sob stories and happy to do it———after I have got pleasure from building computers and installing all the software I totally lose interest and return to my network of best machines so they just take up space and I am having a Mega Clear out——-with over 36 black bags filled already…………………………….

    Gordon Swansea-Freegle