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Freegle Stories

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  • It’s a strange world

    I recently posted an item and arranged for a Freegler to come around and collect it that day at 4pm. It was sink with taps and I had spent some time cleaning it and removing sealer etc.

    The time came and went and the next day I asked my wife if anyone had come to collect the item, “No”, she said. Strange but then I just thought, “Oh well, just a time waster, gee thanks.”

    Later that morning when I went outside to get into my car to go to work I noticed that the item I had offered was not there where I had left it.

    Had someone stolen it or had the Freegler not bothered to knock on our front door and say “Hi” and “Thank you”?

    It’s a strange world, I was obviously brought up differently to respect others and their property. I would never think of not talking to the person making the offer, it’s just polite and also right; I could have reported this as a theft to the police!



  • Great advice from the moderators


    I joined Freegle after watching Kirstie Allsops programme on TV and then following the link from her web page.

    I am a member of another site and placed a wanted ad which was rejected and when I asked for feedback their response was poor….

    Anyway so glad Kirstie is backing Freegle as I signed up and have successfully placed my first wanted ad and had great advice from the moderators on how to place ad’s etc but more importantly I have been able to help out another Freegle member.

    A lady had placed a wanted ad in my area for a safety gate and as I had one I no longer needed I was more than happy to pass it on to some one in need.

    Great Idea Freegle I hope to help many more people out as well as may be finding things I need.

    Beverley, Bradford Freegle

  • Gem's table and bench after painting

    Gem’s table and bench after painting

    I have had lots of things gifted to me over the last couple of years, all of which I am really grateful for. I thought I would share a makeover story.

    I have been doing up my garden, in a bid to love it more and utilise it more. I had put a wanted post on Freegle for some garden furniture. Everyone who is on Freegle will know what I mean, when I say that, when anyone replies to one of your posts it is last thing you would expect and you are very appreciative for them reading the post let alone replying. It is sometimes overwhelming how kind people are. A lovely couple offered me a bench and table and a water butt. They also dropped it off at my house, because my car was just not big enough.

    They admitted the table was now a bit unloved and they had bought a new set. Well it didn’t matter and I had in mind what I would do.

    I sanded them and painted them. They are not to every ones taste but I love them and I haven’t seen anything like them in any shops. I hope people can realise that what junk they may be throwing away is like the saying, someone else’s treasure.

    Gem , Warrington Freegle

  • Having a good chat

    I have enjoyed using freegle, finding the addresses and seeing different parts of towns, villages I would not normally visit.

    I have enjoyed meeting the people giving or collecting the things offered.

    Sometimes having a good chat with the people. It is good to know we can help each other out with our pre-loved or unwanted items, instead of just sending things to the tip or the dump.

    Margaret BerkoTring Freegle

  • Offered: Unicycle on ChilternFreegle

    Offered: Unicycle on ChilternFreegle

    Pashley Unicycle. Flat tyre but otherwise ready to go. Hours of fun (and frustration). Wear a helmet !! Good luck, Paul

    It was taken that same day.

    Paul said “20 years since I rode this but I’ve still got the scars. It’s a young man’s game. Time for somebody else to ‘saddle up’.”

    Paul ChilternFreegle

  • Gives warm glow to give and receive.

    Great quick way to get rid of surplus belongings and a fun way to track down wanted items.

    Very well run-always gives warm glow to give and receive.

    Thank you to the group volunteers.

    I am always telling people about Green Cycle and they are always grateful.

    Thank you for all your efforts.

    Tessa GreenCycleSussex

  • Met loads of interesting people

    We really got into Freecycle (as it then was) a few years back when my brother and I were clearing the family home after 52 years of occupation, during which time as well as all the usual household possessions our late father had assembled a mighty collection of ‘useful’ stuff.

    We took what we wanted, sold the best of the rest and sent a van full to Oxfam, but that left a huge amount of stuff that was too good to throw away but not good enough for selling by any route.

    We registered on several Freecycle sites – near our own homes as well as near the house – and astonishingly Freecycled virtually everything, including some truly weird things, and met loads of interesting people in the process.

    I still use Freegle as required and am really glad to have this route for finding new homes for my pre-loved but no longer needed stuff.

    Gabrielle St Albans Freegle

  • Thanks to Freegle

    Early last year we discovered we were expecting our second child, unfortunately 3 months into the pregnancy I was made redundant and my partner had his hours reduced at work, with money so short we wondered how we could possibly cope with a new baby, I had given all of my 3 year old son’s baby things away on Freegle previously so I decided to place a ‘Wanted’ add, the replies were amazing.

    From the swinging crib from Natalie, the clothes from Ruth, to the pram and numerous other things from the ever so generous Bea I can’t express how grateful we are.

    Our Baby, Amelia is 4 months old now and we’ve already re-freegled the things she has grown out of.

    There are lots of things new parents worry about, but thanks to Freegle, and the kindness of strangers, providing for our baby is no longer one of them.

    (I have attached a picture of Amelia, enjoying her first Christmas wearing a very kindly donated party dress!)

    Sarah Leeson, Leeds Freegle

  • RSPCA Croydon, Crystal Palace & District Branch

    An R.S.P.C.A. Success Story

    A very big ‘Thank You’ for your Croydon Freegle & Merton Freegle donations; we (and the animals) really do appreciate it.

    We’re now 3 weeks in and we’ve collected from 15 separate Freeglers!

    Our new RSPCA shop (opens June 2012) at 267 Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon, CR0 6RD (old ‘Munch’ bakery) and all these donations will help to make that a success.

    We couldn’t imagine life without Freegle now!!

    Visit our Facebook page to ‘like’ us and perhaps your friends will too….which means even more recycling & donations!!

    Like’ us on Facebook:

    Kind Regards

    Simon Hampton | Branch Chairman

    RSPCA Croydon, Crystal Palace & District Branch


  • Moved to a new office

    We can’t recommend Freegle enough after having a truly excellent experience this year! Cat (Freegle Media) helped us find some really good office furniture, which we’ve been really happy with.

    We recently moved to a new office in Brighton and through Freegle we found a lot of the things we needed, like desks and filing cabinets. Now we have a really good workplace.

    Everything’s in great condition and both viewing and collection went smoothly.

    We’re keen to re-use things and keep as much as possible out of landfill, so that’s another reason why we hope other organisations will get in touch with Freegle and benefit in the same ways as we have.

    Thanks for your help.

    Best wishes,

    Jenny Brighton & Hove Food Partnership