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  • Singer sewing machine

    A little story…. last week I posted a ‘wanted’ notice on Penrith & Eden Freegle for a sewing machine, and got 2 offers the same day (one from a PACT member actually!). I collected from the lady who made the first offer, it turned out to be an old Singer sewing machine very similar to one I’ve used previously. So far I’ve completed a couple of small projects on it and it seems to work very well, so a great acquisition and another example of the benefit of being a freegler. It also allows me to ‘recycle’ old bits of material into something more useful.

    From my own time living in the developing world it’s also a reminder that many people overseas would be astonished that you can pick up an asset such as a sewing machine for nothing. In India it would be a route into employment, allowing someone to run their own small-scale tailoring business, whereas in reality it would be a major investment to buy, in fact even the purchase of cloth can be prohibitive for someone to get started.

    In the same way bikes such as those appearing on freegle from time to time can also be a major expense in the developing world, yet would also provide a way of reaching work opportunities a little further afield, or even using the bike itself to act as a local courier.

    Today I went to our local recycling site in Appleby and found just dumped there a kitchen bin and a washing up bowl, both in very useable condition so I’ve them brought away.

    In general it’d be great if we can all recognise the value & benefit of almost anything either to our immediate community or even to others further afield. Anyway great to see Freegle working well and continuing to expand in this area!

    Nigel , Penrith and Eden Freegle

  • Humour from Freegling

    I always read the lists from Freegle when they appear on my screen and we have given away quite a lot of gear via the brilliant system.

    But there is one name, of a man living locally I look out for.

    He doesn’t merely put an ‘offer’ or ‘wanted’ post, but embroiders it with such wit I think he should be writing comedy scripts!

    When I first read one of his posts, I laughed so much I couldn’t resist messaging him to show my appreciation for his brightening up an otherwise dull day!

    So thank you Freegle for that, along with the brilliant service you provide.

    Linda, Lancaster Morecambe Freegle

  • Great advice from the moderators


    I joined Freegle after watching Kirstie Allsops programme on TV and then following the link from her web page.

    I am a member of another site and placed a wanted ad which was rejected and when I asked for feedback their response was poor….

    Anyway so glad Kirstie is backing Freegle as I signed up and have successfully placed my first wanted ad and had great advice from the moderators on how to place ad’s etc but more importantly I have been able to help out another Freegle member.

    A lady had placed a wanted ad in my area for a safety gate and as I had one I no longer needed I was more than happy to pass it on to some one in need.

    Great Idea Freegle I hope to help many more people out as well as may be finding things I need.

    Beverley, Bradford Freegle

  • Shoe Table Decoration

    Old walking boots

    I saw this mail:

    _WANTED:old walking boots (Abraham Heights, Lancaster)

    We are getting married in June and are both keen walkers. We would like to use old walking boots to put plants in to use as table decorations. If you have any old leather boots we would really appreciate them. It does not matter if they have holes in the soles.

    My side of the story is that I offered to help my neighbour clear out some of her late husband’s belongings. He was a wonderful chap, sadly missed, and had used the old boots for many years in his workshop.

    He was a bit of a tinkerer and loved to take things apart and sometimes put them back together again. They would often do something different after they had been put back together lol. He was a bit of a ‘Heath Robinson’ (or Wallace of Wallace and Gromet) and had the most fantastically elaborate and mysterious outdoor plumbing system that allowed him to pipe water to any part of the garden at the turn of a tap. Unfortunately nobody has got to grips with the system since he passed away and this has led to various unexpected gushing floods around the garden. Since the hosepipe ban was introduced we live in fear of an investigation from United Utilities.

    Anyhow, the boots had been well worn but were sadly no longer re-usable as footwear, so I thought this would be a fitting end for them at the start of this couple’s married life together.

    Afterwards I got this mail:

    _Thanks for the boots back in Feb. They looked fantastic at the wedding. Well done Freegle! I have attached a photo of one of the boots. They sat on tables at the Gatehouse and then came aboard the Kingfisher and sailed down the canal to Galgate.

    Thanks again


    Susan, Lancaster Morecambe Freegle

  • Not so cold with Freegle

    Thank you so much for the cold frame it is absolutely great. In the end I collected in my Dad’s Pajaero just to make sure I could fit it in.

    It was really kind of you to leave it out and wrap the other panes of glass. We will be putting them back in over the week-end .

    Hopefully I will have really early sweet peas next year.

    Kind regards

    P.S. You are more than welcome to put this on the Freegle Website.

    Freegle is a wonderful idea, I’ll be putting some furniture on my local one
    over the weekend.

    Sue Bedford Freegle

  • What I love about looking around

    hey there,

    This is just to let you know briefly how helpful the Brighton Freegle community have been.

    Me and my boyfriend moved in together with a matress and loads of love for each other…

    Slowly but surely things got offered and we were able to furnish our one bedroom flat.
    I think that we paid for a few items from a Martlets charity shop but otherwise it’s all
    been generously given to us from Freegle members.

    What I love about looking around our flat is that each of the items that now grace our
    space is that they have stories attached to them.

    The place is now not only filled with our
    love but with loads of stories of how we aquired all that we now have.

    Thanks Freegle

    Anne, Brighton Freegle

  • Tumble drier

    Tumble drier

    My neighbour recently threw out a Hotpoint tumble dryer for reasons unknown – apparently working, externally looks like new; I could only conclude it didn’t match the brand of his washer (!) I got it shunted round to my drive and I gave it away on Freegle the same evening; mad mad world! Of course there’s the question whether we should be using power-guzzling tumble dryers at all rather than air drying, but that’s a whole other debate…..

    Nigel , Penrith and Eden District Freegle

  • Black and White photos

    Hi all Freegle owners, and all fellow Freeglers.

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the Freegle owners, who took the time to help me and let me use there sites, when the computer saw me as spam and bared me from using Freegle, I must say I was really upset.

    But then I had so many people trying to help me get back on, it really was a great feeling when so many nice people was trying to help me, they knew I was an honest Freegler and a mistake had been made by me as well as the computer.

    I had tried to take my hobby and love of photos all over the country with out thinking of the consequences, the computer did its job, and tried to protect the Freegle community, but now thank fully I am back on Freegeling,and looking all over the country for my beloved black and white photos.

    Can I take this opportunity to thank all the kind people who have kindly sent me photos for my collection, there has been two or three people who have not put there address in with the photos, so I have not been able to say thank you.

    So if I may use this moment I will say it now,a big thank to you every body witch ever way you have helped me, a special thank you to nolly who kindly gifted me a music photo album with vintage photos, of witch I know she could have sold this for some a substantial amount of money.

    I will always treasure this, as I will all my other lovely gifts, and treat them with the respect they deserve.

    So thanks again.

    Stuart Keller, Bradford Freegle and others.

  • Well received

    Now that my children have left home I really didn’t need the huge freezer in the garage which had served me well when I seemed to be feeding the five thousand.

    It was much too big for me but still working so I didn’t want to throw it away.

    I posted it on Freegle and within 6 hours received a message from someone whose freezer had broken so they came and collected mine.

    It meant that the freezer is being used by someone who needs it and I did not pay for it to be taken away.


    This is why ilovefreegle.

    Maria, Southport Freegle

  • I am so delighted

    I recently totally gutted my kitchen. I am a pensioner living on my own, and it’s been great. I haven’t had to struggle with a single screw. The nicest thing that happened involved my cooker. I had a woman from Porthmadog reply almost immediately, and within the hour she was at my door responding to an invitation to inspect. I opened the door, and she said: “Don’t you know me?” “No, I’m sorry”. It turned out that we were in ballet classes together 54 years ago in Blaenau Ffestiniog! It was very nice indeed. Another hour, and 2 sons and a trailer later and my cooker has a new home in Porthmadog. I am so delighted that absolutely nothing has gone to a landfill site.

    Carol , Porthmadog Recycle