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  • Now the kitchen’s gone

    With the help of our excellent plumber we have been able to develop the plan for layouts and drainage (a fundamental part of any build – top tip!) and it means we can start to Freegle all the units that were left by the previous owners which while old were perfectly serviceable.

    If you haven’t heard of Freegle – – it is a great community of people run by the ‘Human Womble’ Cat, who like Bright Green Homes feel that we throw too many things away just because it is more convenient, so we are trying to work with her to help freecycle.

    (from their website: Freegle is a network of local groups where you can give stuff away when you want to get rid of it – but don’t want to throw it away because it still has some useful life left in it).

    So in the first week we have freegled; a washing machine, a tumble dryer, a dishwasher, a cooker, a hob, a cooker hood, radiators, mirrored cupboard doors, curtains, lampshades, light fittings, a bath and taps, a sink, bits of carpet and underlay, carpet gripper, window blinds, kitchen carcasses, sets of drawers, a desktop, old water storage tanks… phew… i think that’s the lot… I’m sure Cat when she reads this will remind me of others.

    now the kitchen’s gone

    All in all I think this has been hugely successful, saved at least one skips worth of waste which would usually end up being either dumped or recycled by companies for a profit. This way ordinary local people can benefit from things that others may not want anymore but are far from the end of their useful life. Makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

    With permission from: Blog

  • Lukas enjoying his slides.

    A collective “Thank you”

    I just want to say a collective “Thank you” to everybody who makes and has been making Freegle (and formerly Freecycle), work well. I have both given and been given not only great items but also great experiences.

    Possibly the most wonderful experience was to receive two guinea pigs – Minilli and Guinea Lee – complete with cage and outdoor hutch and run, both stayed with me till they died and are and were hugely missed.(Editor Note: Some groups allow pets)

    I also received a lot of my first home furnishings from Freegle: table, chairs, sofabeds; and a lot of childrens toys, clothes and baby items which I would have never bought myself new or even second-hand, but then turned out to be extremely useful. For example the Baby Bjoern sling and the baby swing, providing me some much needed calm and quiet time when needed most with my first.

    Another of the most wonderful experience was to receive a slide after having posted a “wanted ad”, the lady in question, Imogen, turned out to be so helpful as in first persuading her neighbour to give me the slide, and then helped me to take it apart loosening the rusty screws, so it would fit in the car, she was so hands-on and brought out her tools, too.

    It was really amazing. Of course she was the first priority when I gave away our single bed then and as she also is German and a midwife we get on really well and promised ourselves to visit the Anglo-German club together after the summer holidays. The slide is a huge hit with my 3-year old, the neighbours kids and even the teenage cousins.

    When picking-up items I have been to part of Leeds, Edinburgh and surrounding suburbs I have never been before and met people from different cultures, ages, backgrounds, classes I would not have otherwise met, so it is a hugely interesting experience that way, too.

    Before and after moving Freegle has been hugely helpful with clearing out items from both homes. It always a relieving feeling to know that it did not go to landfill and is still appreciated because of its user value, rather than its monetary value.

    Sometimes I really love the feeling that I have given something directly to someone who really needed it, rather than to charity shop, where a huge percentage of the item value gets spend on administration, rent and staff costs before helping others or those items either get thrown away, too, if they are of no monetary value.

    Ulla, Leeds and Edinburgh Freegle

  • Well received

    Now that my children have left home I really didn’t need the huge freezer in the garage which had served me well when I seemed to be feeding the five thousand.

    It was much too big for me but still working so I didn’t want to throw it away.

    I posted it on Freegle and within 6 hours received a message from someone whose freezer had broken so they came and collected mine.

    It meant that the freezer is being used by someone who needs it and I did not pay for it to be taken away.


    This is why ilovefreegle.

    Maria, Southport Freegle

  • Six year old in training

    My train set dates back as far as 35 years ago when I was a little dot. It got built upon until I was around 15-16 and then boxed up and forgotten about whilst I got older. It was loaned out to a family member for many years and eventually returned when I asked for it back due to having become a father and having one boy that’s train mad. What was returned to me wasn’t everything that was borrow and certainly wasn’t in good condition. By this time I’d already got my 6 year old excited about “daddys great electric train set,” and even he could feel the disappointment when I started unpacking boxes only to be met with broken or damaged trains/track/stations/etc.

    A quick look on eBay and Friday Ad proved that I wasn’t in a position to replace what I wanted to so the plans my lad an I had made for the tracks had to be scaled down to something a bit more simple. By this time we had already boarded out the attic and built a raised table.

    I thought a cheeky request on Freegle might provide a few bits of track IF we were really lucky. Even when I posted the ad I really didn’t expect a single reply.

    Well, a single reply is all I got. It came from a very nice man just north of Lewes and said he had some track and a few bits that I was welcome to albeit in average to poor condition due to its age and the fact it had been in storage for 20+ years.

    When I arrived to have a look at what he had I was led to a garage and presented with two brimming storage boxes of track/trains/carriages/stations/scenery/controllers/bridges/etc. I was amazed. A quick rummage was enough to know that there were a lot of smiles in these boxes for me and my lad so I gratefully accepted them and rushed home.

    At home we emptied the boxes on the kitchen table and were both looking at each other saying “WOW” every 10 seconds as another gem was uncovered. The plans in our heads were scaling up again to building a couple of tracks and a goods shunting yard equal to anything seen on the Island of Sodor. Some of the kit might not work, some of it might be a bit damaged but that doesn’t matter. It’s going to be built and played with for years to come and will make at least two boys very happy (and a third when he gets old enough)

    A collector/enthusiast would have probably paid handsomely for what I was given. I don’t know how to value a permanent smile from a six year old but I hope it’s worth a massive warm glow to a lovely man “just north of Lewes.”

    Freegles ace. A proper community spirit in a world of doom and gloom.


    Tim , Lewes Freegle

  • Offered: Unicycle on ChilternFreegle

    Offered: Unicycle on ChilternFreegle

    Pashley Unicycle. Flat tyre but otherwise ready to go. Hours of fun (and frustration). Wear a helmet !! Good luck, Paul

    It was taken that same day.

    Paul said “20 years since I rode this but I’ve still got the scars. It’s a young man’s game. Time for somebody else to ‘saddle up’.”

    Paul ChilternFreegle

  • Wool

    I crochet blankets for the dogs home. I asked for wool on the Freegle website and have received some.

    People are so kind.

    I love to recycle and will continue to use this site.

    Julie, Liverpool Recycle

  • It’s a strange world

    I recently posted an item and arranged for a Freegler to come around and collect it that day at 4pm. It was sink with taps and I had spent some time cleaning it and removing sealer etc.

    The time came and went and the next day I asked my wife if anyone had come to collect the item, “No”, she said. Strange but then I just thought, “Oh well, just a time waster, gee thanks.”

    Later that morning when I went outside to get into my car to go to work I noticed that the item I had offered was not there where I had left it.

    Had someone stolen it or had the Freegler not bothered to knock on our front door and say “Hi” and “Thank you”?

    It’s a strange world, I was obviously brought up differently to respect others and their property. I would never think of not talking to the person making the offer, it’s just polite and also right; I could have reported this as a theft to the police!



  • Cool Freegling

    Last week my husband and I held a Silver Wedding Anniversary party in our garden. Some of the tables and chairs we used were originally offered on or requested by us on Freegle.

    After the event we still had 10Kg of ice in bags, cluttering up our freezer, which I offered to anyone who wanted it. I had a reply straight away from a member who’s son is getting married this week and they are holding a family reception in their garden. They plan to put the ice in a paddling pool to help keep the bottles of booze cool.

    Our daughter had made us yards of beautiful bunting for our party and I offered it for the wedding, also a gazebo we seldom use as the weather forecast is a bit iffy. Its nice to think we are helping make their special day a little better and it has taken very little effort on our part.

    Jennifer, Seahouses and Alnwick Freegle

  • The world is for sharing, not hoarding.

    It was a good first experience for me with my offer bringing some happiness to a single mother and her children.

    The world is for sharing, not hoarding.

    Messaoud, Huddersfield Recycle

  • Quick house clearance

    I joined the Woking group to Freegle things from a house we were clearing. The moderator kindly took me off moderation at my request (possibly on the strength of my record with the Bath group) as time was of the essence.

    The job is now done (significantly helped by using your site) and I’ve cancelled membership of the Woking group as we don’t live in your area.

    The experience encouraged other members of our family to get into freegleing as they saw what a good idea it is.

    Meanwhile I continue to be an avid ‘Freegler’ in the Bath area!

    Thanks for all your help.

    Keep up the good work!

    Gill Woking Freegle